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As I have pointed out before, the lunatic fringe in all its many rainbow colours is well over-represented among Sathya Sai Baba followers and defenders compared to the general population. Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Syd.) with a website at published an article with the title "Sai Baba: A Comment on Recent Negative Media Stories: Why they are not true". (See scan of page, as later removed by Relfe)

Firstly, note that Relfe is a person whose website promotes deranged and virtually paranoid schizophrenic ideas. She has written 'The Mars Records - where she claims "a man regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time Travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind Control, and Military and Alien abductions."
(See screen scans below). In exchanges with the webmaster of, she maintained her claims and showed again how deluded she is by conspiracy theories.

(Comment) What kind of B. Sc this is anyone may guess! She presents herself as a "professional kinesologist", which in common sense terms means a "professional fraud", whether she realises her fraudulence or not. She thinks the critics of Sai Baba are somehow directed by a Rockefeller, who was allegedly turned down by Sai Baba once and who she therefore imagines would use his millions to attack Sai Baba! This is surely a new peak of devotee psychological denial. Relfe's diatribe about what she says she 'believes' about the allegations (without offering any evidence at all) starts with outright disinformation, presented without documentation or any critical sense as follows: "These stories were probably first started by Tal Brookes. Tal has lied about many things (e.g. That he was the No. 1 western follower of Baba). And it is worth noting that it has been said that he was an associate of Timothy Leary, a member of the CIA who helped to develop LSD."

(Comment)Tal Brooke was written about by persons who were with him at the time. He was a central US follower of Sathya Sai Baba for some time, and this was accepted by several of the so-called "rowdies" with Sai Baba at that time, including Howard Levin (who wrote a book called "Good Chances" which is wehat Sai Baba says of his offers of sex to young men! Good chances indeed!). Stephanie Relfe knows nothing about that circle, it was all male and existed in the 1970s when she evidently knew nothing about Sathya Sai Baba. ,He slapdash judgements are also indicated by her blunder about LSD-25. LSD was never developed by any American, it was produced by a Swiss biochemist, Albert Hoffman long before the CIA began to take an interest in it! See testimony by Mark Roche on his "great chance" on the BBC documentary 'The Secret Swami' - brief video clip).

She continues: "Second, regarding the stories that Baba has anointed some men with oil on their penis. From speaking with people who have had interviews, I understand that these stories are true. This does not totally surprise me."

(Comment) It was a surprise to almost everyone else! Even the lunatic fringe Sai-defender Gerald Joe Moreno is very loath to admit that the penis is often oiled by Sathya Sai Baba (claiming it was only the lower stomach that was oiled in his own case) See Gerald Joe Moreno and genital oiling by Sai Baba. This is a form of sexual molestation which, when carried out even by a doctor without explicit permission from the person involved, is a serious offense also in India.

She continued : "I can only say, from my own experience that people who follow Baba's teachings seem to end up with a lot less lust than many other people." (Comment) All is not as it seems, A very close VIP devotee of Sai Baba tried his luck with my wife (He had no luck!) and I was given the glad eye by many women devotees (which I always ignored, of course) and the wives of two current VIPs gave me the come on too. Mr. Anil Kumar, Sai Baba's ever-present interpreter and close associate had a Finnish paramour in addition to his wife (see Professor Anil Kumar, Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘left-hand’ man). So much for reduced lust! (Comment) There are brothels in Puttaparthi which are visited by ashram staff... a fact I was most shocked to hear from an Indian IAS officer devotee who was undisturbed by these facts of Indian life (see here) - a claim that was confirmed independently to me on the Internet by residents of the area. Actually, all this is mostly irrelevant to the real issue, which is whether Sathya Sai Baba is the ringleader of male sexual abuse of students and foreigners. Note that such activities are virtually always covered up with great secrecy and other means by those in any group whose participants are implicated and many of whom themselves become abusers. Here is what Stephanie was leading up to: "However, I have NO doubt that the stories regarding sexual abuse are false."

(Comment) Very interesting, fascinating... such an 'incredible' witness!! What does she actually know? Only what she wants to believe! But the evidence is completely overwhelming (see here). Then: "While ten, twenty thousand or more people are waiting for Baba outside!!! And the back room, where these incidents are supposed to take place, is divided by only a material curtain, which moves back and forwards in the breeze!!! With dozens of people in the adjoining room!" (Comment) Wrong yet again. While there is a curtain, there are also twin doors of teak or mahogany between the private and public interview rooms, and I have several times seen SB close them firmly. See Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘curtain of shame’ & ‘doors of disgrace’ I have also noted how much longer he remained behind on several occasions them with young men from Denmark and Sweden and some of his students. Relfe exaggerates again, for there were extremely seldom 'dozens' of people in interviews - perhaps 20 would be a large interview which packed the room at Prashnathi Nilayam. After all, since there is organized evil on this planet, which is involved heavily in the occult etc., Sai Baba is the kind of person that they would want to attack. His positive effect on so many people's lives is huge." (Comment) There are strict taboos about behaviour in the ashram, which work as a strong pressure to outward conformity while there (and trying to get an interview and all the rest!). After 16 years of visiting and 18 years being very active in the Sathya Sai Organization, I can say that very few members show any outward signs of change over long periods. However, nearly all imagine they are better than before and talk about it that way. Stephanie goes on with her received wisdom: "It is possible that the people who have created these stories are victims of mind control by the 'bad guys'." (Comment) Highly improbable, for I know some of them and this is not true of them. What is completely certain, however, is that those who refute these stories out of hand (without due investigation and gaining the confidence of victims) are the (only too willing) victims of mind control!

Stephanie persists: "One piece of evidence in favour of Sai Baba is the fact that the people who are spreading these bad stories get some of their facts wrong. The miracles ARE real. The proof? No one else could afford to produce the things that Sai Baba has produced!"

(Comment) But the things Sai Baba has produced by whatever means - fair or foul - have very little commercial value. Not one supposed Sai Baba-materialised object has been investigated by independent experts and properly documented as being worth more than a smallish sum. He pretended to materialize a green diamond ring for min 1986e, but examined by a top professional jeweler, it turned out to be a fake - a synthetic sapphire worth very little, see proof here. "His energy, teachings and guidance have softened thousands of hardened hearts and encouraged many, many people to live better lives." (Comment) How can Stephanie know with any degree of empirical basis that so many people live better lives because of Sai Baba? No surveys of any kind document this. There is a common form of self-deception I have met among devotees: "I have been recognised and blessed by Baba, so I have become a much better person because it affected me. I have changed my ways" etc. But any who HAVE changed somewhat do not realise that it is they who have done the work of any changing they have managed. Despite this. personalities are very hard to change at all radically, except over very long life periods. It is strictly forbidden for any follower to tell about all those who go off and become worse, who cheat and lie, who simulate healing powers, who make money from the Baba gravy train and so on. I know a lot about dozens of such cases. What of those commit suicide because of him? Or those who develop yet bigger egos? Remember, even Sai Baba himself says these things about his devotees repeatedly! reposted Stephanie Relfe's madcap imaginings with the proviso " Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling - Editor, The Konformist"
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