On June 6th, 1993, Sai Baba's apartment was invded by five devotees who wished to talk to him, Sai Baba's valet and helpers had blocked them from access for a long time and in a scuffle with them the intruders killed the valet. This took place after dark. Sai Baba sounded an alarm which brought out observers of the scene. Among them was Divya (Eileen Weed), who was then residing with Sai Baba's elder sister Venkamma in the latter's apartment which was just above of the temple with an overview. The day after the event, Eileen wrote a letter to her pafrents describing her experience, which she published on the internet many years later on, as follows:-

Night of the murders in Sai Baba's temple 1993

the Prashanthi Nilayam murders 1993

Sai Baba murders in his rooms, June 1993