Now SSB has fallen in his own trap.



Now SSB has fallen in his own trap.


Date: 07-14-03

From: ┼sa Samsioe


All those devotees who are now blaming themselves and their insufficient love for the fact that their “Avatar” can┤t walk properly after his hip injury, but has to be carried around in a golf cart, may just relax and let their guilt feelings wane.....
SSB has already himself given the answer according to the responsible factors behind his inability to walk.

In Sanathana Sarathi, April 2000, page 103, you can read:

“ If you want to remain young always, you should have control over your senses. Swami is the direct proof of this (cheers) My body is full of energy. There is absolutely no weakness whatsoever in Me. Even now I can run fast. Can anyone imagine that Swami is 75 years old? What is the secret behind this? Purity, patience and perseverance are mainly responsible for this. Swamis feelings are always pure and steady. Try to emulate Swami in this regard. You claim yourself to be Swami┤s devotees. Then is it not your duty to cultivate at least a fraction of Swami┤s purity?”

The only conclusion an ardent devotee who, just as SSB┤s devotee Seema, believes in “the Word of an Avatar” can make of this, is that SSB now has lost the control over his senses.
His “Purity” must have gone with the wind due to exaggerated “kama” (i.e 'desire'). Perhaps there has been too much oiling of male genitals lately?

Gone is also his patience and his perseverance according to the words of abuse he attributes to his ex- devotees (evil-minded, wicked, Judases, cawing crows, slanderers, etc....).

And why would his devotees try to “emulate Swami in this regard”? Then perhaps they too have to move around in golf carts?

It seems as if SSB has just fallen in his own trap!