Sai Baba gets bad press, allegedly



Date: December 11, 2000


The Hindu avatar Sai Baba, around whom many stories of marvelous phenomena have been reported, was the subject of a critical article in the Daily Telegraph magazine on Saturday October 28 2000, by Mick Brown, author of "The Spiritual Tourist".

The article, which was also carried on the Electronic Telegraph, dealt mainly with the relationship between SB and young boys, and provoked an extraordinary stream of responses from around the world. Mention of Tal Brooke's part in publishing a warning about SB and boys, 24 years ago (and again last year) was edited out of the DT article for reasons of space. It centered on the Findings, the report edited by two former devotees, David & Faye Bailey, whose existence was revealed on this site.

"The Age" (Melbourne) later reprinted the Brown story and added testimony of Australian abuse.

On 2 December, the UK Spiritualist newspaper Psychic News carried a clarification of an earlier enthusiastic account of SB, which had been noted on the Pioneer site. PN readers had now told Philip Solomon "that allegedly, he has received some very bad press in various quarters." What this was about, and whether it was to be taken seriously, Solomon (who also revealed that he was a journalist, and held National Spiritualist beliefs) gave no indication. The newspaper Psychic News has promoted Sai Baba for twenty years, but readers have not been told of these developments