Date: 01-02-03

By Barry Newton

Ex-deputy chairperson of the Sathya Sai organisation, Zone B, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

My first question about the saionline posting is, "How is it that so much of the private (sexual?) details of so many ex-sai devotees are known to this respondent ? ~ "they had their own victims whom you seem to have little pity for." How might this be so? ~ blanket cover projection of preferred belief is most likely here.

Also, 5 interviews is light-years above the average close encounter which is likely to be 5 rows back and more. In this case, the respondent is arguing a quite simple "quantitative" numerical evaluation over a "qualitative" long time experience. Such comparisons measure nothing but the respondents ability to divert attention to his preferred view.

Apart from Bhatia molesting children, he is a wonderful person ~ and apart from Hitler killing 6 million Jews, he harmed no one!

The purported "exaggeration" of reports from unknown individuals is entirely without factual foundation, and belongs in the realm of fanciful speculation, and once more is a blanket cover projection of the respondents preferred belief. Anyone who claims that exaggeration is normal is stating their own tendency to exaggerate ~ it is their way of behaving, so of course it is normal! Well I'm sorry Mr. Respondent ~ it is normal to tell the truth. Anything other than telling truth is telling lies.

Regarding the murders, the respondent once more prefers the story which fits his need to believe. And we ex-baba people are only too well aware how often we fitted the crap SB dealt out to suit the extent of our neediness at the time. The respondent is only demonstrating that which we came to recognise in ourselves ~ a spiritual character flaw which sees the elevation of a trickster to the status of swami in preference to reality.

In Truth ~ Barry Newton