Tall Sai Pillars Crumble

Excerpt from book-in-the-writing: Amazing Disgrace


Date: 07-01-04

Author: Barry Pittard

Email: bpittard@beachaccess.com.au  

Might not Sai devotees with serious concern turn confidently to the most senior officers of their spiritual organization?  But for many years, complaints and queries addressed to Sai leaders have been profoundly ignored. 

And yet new accusations keep on coming.... 

After considerable global efforts, I can find only one written response by a Sai official to any letter that details concerns about the allegations. Ella Evers was one of many leaders who strenuously investigated, seeking out first hand accounts, and contacting many others known for their care in handling evidence. A devotee between 1986 and 2000, she held various offices and along with her husband John conducted the Eugene Sai Centre, Oregon, for fifteen years.

The then President of the Sathya Sai Organization of America, Dr John C. Evans, was among nine top officials who received a copy of Mrs Evers letter to the head of the organisation, Dr Michael Goldstein (now the world head, as well). Ella Evers' letter of August 1, 2000 bore seventy-five signatures of those who had been keen Sai devotees, some of them for many years. Dr Evans’ letter to her of August 20, 2000 totally ignored her points and queries, showing absolute disregard for the terrible suffering she reported, and about transparency, investigation and accountability. He quoted a saying of Sathya Sai Baba:  "If one voices criticism loudly, it will be lost in thin air, if one criticizes within, it goes to one's own self." In other words, Ella Evers should shut up. She should criticize herself - but for what? 

The letter states that "all of the undersigned came to a mutual conclusion that a worldwide investigation must be put in place immediately to prove or disprove the so overwhelming worldwide evidence placed before us." However, to this day, in the BBC documentary 'Secret Swami' (first screened in the UK, June 17, 2004), the same Dr Goldstein (unaware that he is on hidden camera) - repeatedly and angrily jabbing his finger towards the BBC's correctly probing Tanya Datta - says that he can tell that no young males have been sexually molested by his guru. He says, "I would know it in my heart because I am what I am - a consummate professional.  Can you understand that?"  

But Goldstein unless he wishes to be sued for medical malpractice - has no business claiming a professional specialty he does not possess. Not being a sexual abuse therapist, he can lay no claim to expertise in judging who has or has not been sexually abused. Whereas, among former devotees, there are a number of well-qualified sexual abuse professionals like Dave Brandt, Elena Hartgering, Dr Arlene Mazak, Shirley Pike, Barbara Shockett and others who have investigated and are satisfied that Sathya Sai Baba has sexually abused young males.

The BBC documentary excellently shows that Dr Goldstein, like his shameless peers, cares not a fig about accountability:

Tanya Datta: Then why don’t you allow some transparency into the investigation of them. (ed. i.e., the allegations)

Dr Michael Goldstein: Transparency in what sense?

Tanya Datta: Why don’t you have thorough investigations, instead of just asking one question to one person?  (ed. i.e., Sai Baba, who Dr Goldstein says told him “Swami is purity itself.”)

Dr Michael Goldstein: What do you mean by thorough investigation?

Which dictionary would Dr Goldstein prefer:  Oxford? Websters? Or Fools?

Why should Ella Evers criticize herself? Nobody accuses her of sexually molesting the young. Dr Evans did exactly what countless Sai devotees repeatedly do (in common with members of other cults). He side-stepped the issue, denying all rights of others to ask serious questions. A familiar saying of Sathya Sai Baba is that "silence is the language of the sadhaka" (the spiritual aspirant). But in fact, typically, it is the 'language' of totalitarians. Of those who cover up. Of deceivers and of the self-deceived. 

Silence is the language of the cultist, and of the criminal.  Profound silence is the language of the pedophile. 

Useful Documents:  

ex-baba/engels/letters/evers.html   Ella Evers' letter to Dr Goldstein was copied to nine top SS Org officials in the USA. Dr Goldstein or someone at his home - perhaps showing contempt for her and other's efforts to raise the issue at the top level - returned unopened.

ex-baba/engels/letters/responseevans.html  Reply (scarcely) by John C. Evans to Ella Evers' letter to nine recipients. 

ex-baba/engels/letters/faxmeloyevans.html  Fax to John C. Evans by Glen Meloy, August 26, 2000