Flag Follows Trade. Abetting Indian Government Corruption 


Date: 04-02-07

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Tony Blair and Foreign Office: Don’t Rock the Boat With India on Sai Baba

We know that at the most senior levels of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office British Labor MP Tony Colman, former member for Putney, was abruptly told to back off on Sai Baba because India as a world power must be placated.

Do 66 Hawk Class Jet Fighters Really Protect The Young?

In 2000, the U.K. government made desperate efforts to beat off its fierce aeronautical competitor the U.S. for a contract to sell India fighter aircraft. Labor and Conservative lobbies combined, and the sale of Britain’s 66 Hawk class jet fighters from BAS, British Aeronautical Systems, worth over a billion pounds sterling succeeded. In the midst of intense negotiations, the then Indian PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee wrote a public letter defending Sai Baba, and met Blair at the prime minister’s official country residence Checkers

Trade Preoccupation Threatens U.K. Citizens, Young and Old

We found that Blair himself ordered the Fraud Squad of the London Metropolitan Police actions to desist from further investigation of Sai Baba related matters, on the grounds that these were “International matters”. The British government - with intense participation of Labour Friends of India and Conservative Parliamentary Friends of India and the Indo-British Parliamentary Group - was far more interested in trade bonanzas with India than in investigating consequences of entanglement with Sai Baba to many British citizens.

Will India Be a Morally Impotent Superpower?

The Indian media is often emasculate and cowed, and has a shocking record of suppression in matters adverse to Sai Baba. With a rare exception like India Today, it has been afraid to move on Sai Baba. Only recently, in the face of continuing Sai Baba exposures by the foreign media, did some of its media take a news feed the Indo-Asian News Service, one of  whose journalists, Sudeshna Sarkar (an Indian domiciled in Nepal) undertook some investigations in London at the time of Paul Lewis’s story, November 4, 2006, in The Guardian, ‘The Indian living god, the paedophilia claims and the Duke of Edinburgh awards’