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Dear Bhiayaa,

There is an important fact that your touching story misses. It is that many of the former devotees, who are now active in calling for an investigation into the many and serious allegations against sathya sai baba and certain of his top officials, have experienced leelas and miracles on a stupendous scale. Some former devotees highly active in the Expose have been utterly devoteed to sathya sai baba for around twenty to thirty years. Their name, and that of many others who have left sathya sai baba, stood high when they were sai devotees; so why should there be such a concerted and intense attempt to blacken their names now? Again, I direct attention to those many fine names of former devotees whose names appear as signatories to the JuST (Just Seekers of Truth) Petition at:

Any former devotees who attempt to deny the validity of these experiences simply speak out of ignorance. They are right in one thing; namely, that at least some of the ostensible miracles are faked. There is too much best provenance footage (and other evidence), including that extensive output of the former official sai baba videographer, the American James Redmond, which
shows faking. No doubt of this.

On the other hand, the serious, questioning former devotee, who has had compelling experience of the incredible and supramundane side of sathya sai baba, is adamant upon one point above all else: there can be no cover-up of the great many well-made allegations against sathya sai baba. No matter what beauty and grace attend sathya sai baba's other words and actions. We are citizens, living in community. If we cover up in relation to a teacher with whom we have been connected why should not others with other teachers about whom responsibly presented allegations have been made? We live by the law, which is a very practical matter, far removed from speculations (increasingly resorted to by sai devotees who are convinced that sai baba does engage in sexual acts with many boys and young men) about the so-called rights of a guru over the body and sexuality of his or her followers.

Love likewise,

Barry Pittard, Australia