Professor S. P. Ruhela's Charmed View


Posted: August 11, 2004
Author:  Barry Pittard
Professor Satya Pal Ruhela, an Indian sociologist, has been a tireless propagandist of Sathya Sai Baba down the years, and for a few years, as he told me in my editing days at Sai Towers, had been banned from the Puttaparthi and Whitefield ashrams. His story was credible, because the number of those who the ashram authorities have evicted because they did not spout the precise official line is legion. Dr Ruhela struck me as a man utterly devoted to his guru, and a hard-working scholar.  
I share the excerpt below because it is typical of the attempts of many learned men and women to rationalise - to a point of unconscious absurdity - their faith in Sathya Sai Baba. How many absurdities do you count in even so short an excerpt? E.g., has Ruhela been constantly on the scene to observe the activities of SSB's secretaries (he is normally in New Delhi!)?
Dr Ruhela refers to former Indian Prime Minister, Narasimha Rao. This is but one of a series of Indian Prime Ministers who have sunk in public view at SSB's feet - and been publicly flattered by SSB. He was jailed on corruption charges.  
The footage of SSB faking the materialisation occurred at Secunderabad (a city extension to Hyderabad), in August 1992. It was shot by India's national television broadcaster, Doordarshan, and rapidly suppressed (apparently on Narasimha Rao's order) after a furore in the Indian press. SSB appears to manifest a gold chain for R. Chakrapani, the architect of the Kalyana Mandapam. You can see the television footage at: 


Dr S. P. Ruhela's Charmed View

"As regards the so-called miracle that failed - the creation of gold chain at Hyderabad on 29.8.1993, we really cannot believe the press reports. When Baba has been daily performing thousands of miracles including creation of gold chains, diamond rings, etc, since his birth in 1926, it is unbelievable that at Hyderabad he could not create the chain and his secretary or some one else handed it over to him. Never has his secretary or any associate from behind been heard to be there to pass on any object secretly. It is likely that either some divine angel might have handed over the chain to Baba. (The existence of divine angels has been proved by scholars) or may be that the tape in question was the work of some manipulator. It is also likely that since Baba had praised the Prime Minister Narasimha Rao unequivocally and appealed to all people to support him, this might have offended some leaders of other political parties and the original tape might have been tampered with to defame Baba."  Source: Sri Sathya Sai Baba and the Press, S.P. Ruhela, Umang Paperbacks, New Delhi, 1997, pp171-210.
Updating Filmed Evidence of Sai Fakery
For recent (February 2004) evidence of SSB faking miraculous manifestation, all except UK television viewers of BBC2 This World on June 17, 2004 (and those who have received complementary copies) are privileged, and will have to await worldwide distribution of the one-hour documentary 'The Secret Swami.' However, for footage of the event as presented by devotees, see: It too will convince only the charmed. 
The Puttaparthi authorities gave the BBC unique permission to film within Prashanti Nilayam around last Mahasivaratri. However, the moment the BBC started asking about the allegations, the BBC team was evicted from Puttaparthi.
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