Let us be careful


Date: 03-2002 09:12 AM ET (US)

By: Dick White

From: http://www.quicktopic.com/8/H/qYarJBpGLW7G6 Message 33

A report by Moonshine9999 had the same deficiency as a piece of information that has come my way. Moonshine referred to reports supposedly coming from Sai devotees in Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries.

Whether there is any truth to these reports is perhaps beside the matter: what surely is important is that in any campaign, when we deal with extremely nasty police states, we need to exercise added care and sensitivity. There are not only Sai devotees to consider (and all human beings should have their human rights respected) but also ex devotees. If one crashes about in giving all sorts of information to governments with extra nasty secret police, then the consequences may extend further than one's original, and surely well-meaning, intent. It is to be hoped that Hari Sampath - who, in his reply to Moonshine, gives every evidence of pushing on with his campaign irrespective of potentially dangerous prevailing conditions in some countries, is ever more sensitive to vexed issues.

My own information is that Tamil Eelam (or the Tamil Tigers)are well aware of the campaign to expose Sai Baba for his various crimes. It seems that they are getting this information from a knowledgeable Sai Baba expose campaign source - not in English but in chaste Tamil.

The following are said to be facts:

That in many cases in countries outside India (not to mention within it) the Sai centres in those countries where there is a considerable Tamil diaspora are active areas for Tamil Eelam drives for funds and possibly recruitment.

That there is division within the Tamil Eelam leadership whether to assassinate Sai Baba or not, partly because his organization is a fruitful area in secret drives for support.

Should it be the case that any Sai Baba Expose activists are in touch with Tamil Eelam, or indeed any other extremely violent and powerful organization, then please stop in your tracks. Those who deal with terrorist or police state organizations expose themselves to real danger of being co-opted through blackmail, bribery, and other tools of influence.

The sad thing is that an Expose person who would be capable of contacting such evil forces is very likely to deny having done so.

Dick White