Confronting Empire and the 'Sai Kingdom.'


Posted: Monday, February 10, 2004

Author: Barry Pittard



SSB says he will not leave India until he has cleaned up his own backyard, after which he will save the entire world before he leaves it aged 92/93 or 95/96 (depending on which of his predictions and which calendar you may prefer). The plane he refers to in the quote from the UK Sai Quarterly Magazine (below) is running awfully late - especially for a Royal Airways.  

He'd best get a move on, lest his empire collapse with scornful laughter. Perhaps he will fly in a souped-up a supersonic golf buggy with wings, and wave a wand over all of us from on high - especially considering the world's overpopulated masses all busting their necks - and each others' - crowding to see him. 

Here is but one source for this prophecy, which is known backwards by large numbers of Sathya Sai Baba devotees. 

“Bhagavan told the group of his students, that His mission can be compared with an aeroplane that is going to take off. Up to 70th birthday his mission would be like an aeroplane going along the take-off track and gaining speed. These days the aeroplane is rushing and speeding up and will take off at the 75th birthday.” (Sai Reflections: The UK Sai Organisation. Quarterly Magazine: February, 1997, p.15.)


 Former devotee writers such as Dennis Hanisch (USA), Serguei Badaev (Russia), Robert Priddy (Norway) and Brian Steel (Australia) have exposed the fractured logic of many SSB's utterances, among them his unfulfilled prophecies. Given the ever-worsening situation in India, do his prophecies about India, much less the rest of the world, even begin to square up? 

From 'Confronting Empire' by Arundhati Roy. January 28, 2003 

India — the world’s biggest democracy — is currently at the forefront of the corporate globalisation project. Its "market" of one billion people is being prized open by the WTO. Corporatization and Privatization are being welcomed by the Government and the Indian elite.

While the project of corporate globalization rips through people’s lives in India, massive privatization, and labor "reforms" are pushing people off their land and out of their jobs. Hundreds of impoverished farmers are committing suicide by consuming pesticide. Reports of starvation deaths are coming in from all over the country.

The two arms of the Indian Government have evolved the perfect pincer action. While one arm is busy selling India off in chunks, the other, to divert attention, is orchestrating a howling, baying chorus of Hindu nationalism and religious fascism. It is conducting nuclear tests, rewriting history books, burning churches, and demolishing mosques. Censorship, surveillance, the suspension of civil liberties and human rights, the definition of who is an Indian citizen and who is not, particularly with regard to religious minorities, is becoming common practice now.  

... many of us have dark moments of hopelessness and despair. We know that under the spreading canopy of the War Against Terrorism, the men in suits are hard at work.

Last March, in the state of Gujarat, two thousand Muslims were butchered in a State-sponsored pogrom. Muslim women were specially targeted. They were stripped, and gang-raped, before being burned alive. Arsonists burned and looted shops, homes, textiles mills, and mosques.

More than a hundred and fifty thousand Muslims have been driven from their homes. The economic base of the Muslim community has been devastated.

While Gujarat burned, the Indian Prime Minister was on MTV promoting his new poems. In January this year, the Government that orchestrated the killing was voted back into office with a comfortable majority. Nobody has been punished for the genocide. Narendra Modi, architect of the pogrom, proud member of the RSS, has embarked on his second term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. If he were Saddam Hussein, of course each atrocity would have been on CNN. But since he’s not — and since the Indian "market" is open to global investors — the massacre is not even an embarrassing inconvenience.