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Date: 5/1/01 2:47 p.m.

When a SSB devotee, there were "red flags" that did not make sense, but I put then on the shelf, so to speak, because I believed SSB was a Purnavatara. For example, there are statements that upset me from Hislop's book "Conversations With Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba" wherein there is a dialogue between Hislop and SSB.

On P 164, "H: Science says there are many planets where there will be much the same life. Sai: In all the universe there is no other planet that has human life, or a similar life-form.... H: Swami are thee other regions throughout the universe where there may also be an escape from birth and death? Sai: only on Earth may this take place. In no other planets or region throughout the indescribable vastness of the universe does this opportunity exist. It is unique and is limited to the earth."

Now on p 226, "H: Swami, a question I am constantly asked and which I am unable o answer-that is, about UFO's, beings from other planets visiting us here. This is a thing in the USA. Books are published, and there is all sort of verified evidence. Sai: It is imagination only. H: But Swami, there is evidence- the metal of a crashed spacecraft in hands of the Gov. People are examined by qualified specialists and they are not inventing their experiences. When I tell questioners that it is all imagination, the persons who ask are unable to accept the answer. Sai: Nevertheless, it is imagination. Imagination can project physical evidence."

1) I have taken a course in astronomy in college. There are many estimates of the number of stars in the universe. If the average galaxy has a hundred billion stars and are a hundred billion galaxies- there would be about ten to the 22nd power stars in the universe. A fun and educational URL is:

2) Since first reading the above book by Hislop, science has discovered that many stars do indeed have planets, and it is now common to here this in the media.

3) SSB seems to CONTRADICT himself in later issues of the Sanathana Sarathi and/or books and indicates that other planets in the universe have a human type life!!

4) I am NOT into UFO's. However, with respect to the metal mentioned by Hislop above, this week has evidence of a material not manufactured on the planet earth. The material is mostly silicon. The proportion of the isotopes, however, of the other metals in this material would theoretically cost tens of millions of dollars to manufacture with present day technology. This material was supposedly retrieved in July, 1947 at Roswell, New Mexico. This is synchronicity but this material was discussed extensively last night on Art Bell's CoasttocoastAM radio show. 10 to 20 million people listen to this show. This material will eventually be discussed on:

More contradictions that SSB is not a Purnavatara.

Love, MarsWalker108


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Date: 5/2/01 11:58 a.m.

Dear MarsWalker,

I remember this contradiction too, and I do remember in an other book by a devotee SB told the devotee there does exist intelligent life on other planets. (I have moved all my SB books to the Garage, and cant remember the right reference, sorry).

But I do remember that we discussed in our Sai Study circle about contradictions like these and also similar contradicting answers SB has given about Jesus to at different times to different devotees (not published, but known through personal contacts for instance that he never died on the cross..., and on an other occasion that he did die).

Devotees are masters in rationalizing away contradictions. And we rationalized along these lines:

Different peoples have different 'pet-issues' that they have a strong opinion about. They use a lot of unnecessary time to ponder about these things. The issue is not important for the spiritual development of the devotee, so SB gives the answer the devotee wants (what ever that specific devotee wants) and thus the devotee can leave the 'pet-issue' behind and focus on GOD.

One has to remember that for A TRUE DEVOTEE there is one basic fact:

1. Baba is devine.

From that follows:

2. Anything he does is right and divine, and how ever odd and contrary it might seem with normal (limited human) logic, it has a divine meaning we cant comprehend.

With this kind of logic its rather impossible to argue. You can only hope that the contradictions brought forward might plant a seed of doubt in those that are still devotees, so that one day they too might wake up. Hopefully not by too much pain become free to the real truth.