Death related mysteriously to the young Sathya Sai Baba?


Date: 09-05-06

By: An unnamed correspondent

A correspondent who wishes to remain unnamed associates the following:

"I just read the latest news on Exbaba, taken from the book "Anyatha Saranam Nasthi". I found something else of interest in the same book.
Maybe this can be put on the Exbaba Site under the News Catagory?
From the Book, "Anyatha Saranam Nasthi" by, Smt. Vijayamma  Page 217, Vijayamma is quoting Sathya Sai Baba directly:

"I had four very good friends. After school, we would assemble under a tree and offer worship to Shirdi Baba.

Whatever my friends wished for, I would take out of my bag and give them. During exams, I would tell the four of them what questions would be given in the question paper. Once, when one of them did not attend the exam, I answered the paper in his handwritting. Later, for High School studies, I had to go to Uravakonda. Till it was time to leave for school, I had to attend to many strenuous domestic chores. I had to go to a distant well to fetch water. My shoulders became sore from carrying the pole that had pots slung at either end.
Though I worked so hard, my paternal aunt would beat me mercilessly for no reason whatsoever."

Listening to this, we all shed tears. He continued:

"One day, she slapped me so hard that my cheek became swollen. Next day, her son suddenly fell seriously ill and died. They never gave me food on time. One of my friends at school was the son of a Sub-Inspector of Police. He was very fond of me. He never ate anything without sharing it with me. That was how much he loved me."

When sb says that the next day her son suddenly fell seriously ill and died, doesn't that suggest that sb had something to do with the death of that little boy?