Date: 03-31-04

By: Robert Priddy


Knowing what efforts Sai authorities and devotees make to cover up all facts about Sai Baba which do not fit the propaganda or the many Sai lies about himself, the following naive and yet very revealing posting on the pro-Sai forum at
would be unremarkable. The surprise is that none of the active censors has yet managed to get it taken down.
From: sai_sevak9 Date: Tue Mar 30, 2004 10:27 am
Subject: News from Parthi - Account on Swami

Om Sai Ram! A short but very vivid account of Swami just before Ram Navami. (Account by a Sai sister from USA presently living in the ashram.) Have a wonderful day ahead! Take care and SAI's blessings always! yours, lalita

Here all is going on fine. Swami is coming as usual, morning and evening. Sometimes after morning Darshan He returns to the Poornachandra, then comes again for morning bhajans. In the evening, He has been coming about 3 PM on most days, sitting for some songs by the boys or just going into the interview room. Later He starts bhajans - often it is before the 5 PM official time. He looks wonderful as usual, smiling a lot. He is still coming in the car & walking with a limp on the verandah, often with support, holding an assistant's hand, but often too, just supported by holding onto the railing as He walks.

I saw the Sivarathri video sold inside the ashram, and am impressed with the editing job by the boys! There is not a single glimpse of the car, and not a single moment that Swami holds anyone's hand for support. He just appears sitting in the chair and then appears again, standing up holding the rail - nothing of what happens in- between. Likewise, there is not a glimpse of how He was practically carried into the interview room, totally exhausted, after lingodbhava. Those scenes will only be seen in our memories.

Firstly, the scenes which Sai devotees seem so desparate to cover up were filmed by others and will become widely available later this year. Secondly, we note with amusement that the 'mindless' Sai sister from USA and her proxy, Lalita, revel in the cover-up, boast about how well it was done! This is all part of the day-to-day mentality of Sai followers, I can assure everyone, for I partook in it myself when I believed the main package. V. K. Narasimhan - who admired Sai despite not believing in his many claims - partook too, but he often expressed to me his worries that the editing and censorship would be exposed. Eventually, it became simply impossible to retain my self-respect and go on trying to rationalise away what was so negative as it became increasingly known to me... so many Sai lies and crime after crime. The 'main package' is more and more just that - a carefully packaged set of lies and cover-ups of crimes. However, the uncovering of it all goes on and it will most probably take a giant step before very long, unlike the magically 'magnetically-crippled' waddling steps of SSB. May the truth prevail (it has most certainly yet to do so in the Sai movement). For more on the Shivarathri scam, see


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