The Sathya Sai Organisation:

A Devil Unmasked


By: Anonymous

Date: 12-26-03

About The Sathya Sai Organisation: This is a spiritual organisation which believes its leader is a divine incarnation of the Hindu Gods of Rama, Krishna, etc. As a divine incarnation, its leader believes the purpose of human life is to worship God - i.e. himself.
There are many books depicting the story of this leader, which refer to the many supposed miracles of this divine incarnation of God.

When this organisation communicates with secular authorities it promotes itself as a service organisation, and hides by omission the fact that its followers worship their leader as the Ultimate God of All. It points to the many charitable projects it has undertaken. Although the organisation collects many millions, some say billions, from its followers no detailed account is given of this expenditure or investment to the many people who donate.

The organisation claims upwards of 60 million followers in its groups and centres but simple mathematics makes clear this is a gross overstatement of the truth. This overstatement is simply to make it appear as if the Organisation is vast and growing daily. After all so many people could not be mistaken.

This writer holds to the view that this organisation is a dangerous mind control cult, purveyors of spiritual deception of the highest order. Not only this, but this organisation seeks to hide from public view the severe allegations against its leader which any sane person would demand be independently investigated. The following are some of my thoughts on the matter.

The Making of a Follower: While reading books about the organisation's leader a person may find that certain signs are given to them substantiating the 'truth' of the writing. The leader, having occult power will contact the person within a dream giving blessing, or confirming godhead, masterhood, or divinity. Or there might be a thought in the person's head wondering if its true about these miracles, and if God is indeed walking the earth. After all if God can create the heavens and the earth, he can create a little body to walk around in. While thinking these thoughts a butterfly might land on the leaders picture on the cover of a book he is reading, - a confirming sign.So by degrees, by influence of the Organisation members and their testimony, the vast literature, and the occult contact through dream, vision, and synchronistic sign, the follower is drawn deeper into the cult.
As the person dives deeper into their 'Ocean of light' a few things become clear Sathya Sai (Or Sai Baba) teaches that all names, and all forms of God are welcome to be worshipped on your altars. He (Sai Baba) is but one representation of the divine on earth. So whatever form you wish to worship, continue to do so - there is no need to change your allegiance.

Comment: In practice, almost without exception in the centres and groups the members find it almost impossible to maintain this universal approach to the divine. They think to themselves - why worship Krishna, or Jesus, or Allah, when we have the ultimate god walking on earth with us. No let me change to the form and name of Sai - this is the one i will worship. The images and statues of the other forms of god get squeezed aside to be displaced by the many faces of Sai.  

For myself I assumed that the True God would protect me from any mischievous intermediary. A serious mistake.

Comment: Although I prayed for the true god to reveal to me his true nature, and I prayed that no lesser being may interpose itself between him and me, I was still deceived. Initial contact was through dream and vision. The dreams involved friendship with a numinous being who appeared capable of discerning my innermost thoughts and feelings. After such contact which left me feeling joyful for weeks I yearned for more of the same - and a chance to get closer to my new found god. 

We are all trapped in a karmic cycle of death and rebirth - endlessly, unless we worship and surrender our wills to God.

Comment: This is one of the beliefs I adopted without critical analysis. Yes we may have compelling past life 'experience' which leads us to the 'karma' conclusion. But my dreams and memories had been interfered with and my beliefs shaped. So I recommend caution before accepting this doctrine.

The only way out of this cycle is attainment of 'God Realisation' which means merging with God, the 'totality', or some similar notion.

Comment: The method given of 'merging with god' is that of repeating the 'holy name' which just happens to be Sai Baba's name. A study of the Patanjali sutras reveals that you will merge with whatever object you concentrate your awareness on. However the one who is worshiped becomes the guide, and henceforth the controller, by virtue of blind adherence to guidance. (Note further that the universal mantra - the Gayatri - was substituted by further mantras extolling Sai Baba as GOD in the 'Sai Gayatris'; a further distortion of truth, and a strengthening of the possessive bond.)

Although it is possible according to scripture to achieve 'liberation' in a number of ways - devotion is held forth as the easiest way in this Kali Yuga, the Age of Ignorance.

Comment: In my view the first step toward 'liberation' is to abandon blind belief in favour of critical analysis. Do not trust your feelings - they can be manipulated. Instead hold to intuition, and rational thought - the answer to the puzzle is not within the square - we have to think outside the square to begin to understand what is happening.

Single pointed devotion using the leader's name as a mantra is a sure method of merging with 'god'

Comment: Devotion to a name and a form leads to possession by that entity. One of the writings in the Nag Hammadi Library says something to the effect that - 'There was a war in heaven, and a third of the host of heaven was cast into the earth, and mankind worshipped these demons as Gods - even up to the very elite.' Although there is no substantiation in fact for this idea it rings a cautionary note in my mind, especially after my experiences in this cult.

Seeking absolute guidance from 'god' in all matters great and small is necessary to attain his grace.

Comment: Followers were told to concentrate on their question intently then wait for a response from Sai Baba within twenty minutes. If you did not get your answer you have been a sinful person who needs to do penance, pray harder, and sing songs of devotion more fervently until the answer comes, by his grace. But why twenty minutes? It does not ring true somehow.

Those who do not bend their knee to this 'God'  are assured of an uncertain length of time on the karmic wheel of recompense and retribution. As 'God' is omniscient with relation to past present and future it is better to follow his command for the most beneficial outcome.

Comment: After the honeymoon period the false god becomes more demanding. In my case various reminders that only extreme penance will save me from the torments of hell. Here we have intimidation forcing adherence to his will.

God is omnipresent - pervading all things / being all things. No thing moves without his will/desire/wish.

Comment: The deception rests in accepting this as true when the will of the impostor is taken as one own will. Do you listen to the little voices in your head and do what they say? Or do you test the spirits and tell those voices which offend your wisdom to take a walk?

Mergence with him is only attained through surrendering your will to the supreme will. Your thought becomes his thought. Your actions become part of his 'divine play'. This is achieved through songs of devotion extolling his glory:

Words to effect of:
Lord see through my eyes
Lord hear through my ears
Lord let me be an instrument for you


Sai Baba I love you
Love and adore you
Sleeping or waking
rain or sunshine etc. etc.

You are encouraged to sing these songs or repeat the holy mantra endlessly, and to the exclusion of all other thought.

Comment: Over time the capacity for rational and critical thought diminishes - In my case ity took about three months for me to regain my rational capacities after abandoning the mantras and the meditations.

Once the spirit of the divine leader has been 'invited in' to the follower's body, to merge with him, a subtle transformation takes place in his being. The power of ones belief makes this possible. The god becomes superimposed over you - you are now part of its totality

Comment: Being possessed you become an extension of him. After all, didn't he say: "Expansion is my life"?

You are asked to see the swami residing in everyone's heart

Comment: You are being used as a bridge for him to contact others.

His energy pours forth from you

Comment: Some of those who leave become aware of the particular 'Baba' energy which emanates from his followers. It is a low vibration and swamps all those in its radius. His influence spreads as other people are affected by your energy and your visualisation of him in their hearts. And so the cult of the god man spreads...

Written by an Ex-follower who wishes to remain anonymous.