The Sai Zapper Doll


Author: Barry Pittard


Posted: , March 5, 2003


Beware the Shaktipat Doll ...!

The 'girl' (as she describes herself), that is, the Baba Doll person Lotus Lee, tells us on her commercial Baba Doll flogging website: that her doll is - 'Made In His Likeness.'  She continues, 'Spiritual awakening through Shaktipat (transmission of spiritual power) can be had through a doll in the image of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.'

She even quotes Muktananda, one of the most famous cases of a guru many of whose closest devotees both attest to or at least will not deny that he secretly had sex with many females. (Yes, females. Anyone heard of them? Which is to say: the forgotten gender at Puttaparthi...).

So please - unless you wish to be zapped by the kundalini power or shaktipat - no-one must look at or touch the Baba doll below. I just left it standing there in case anyone wishes to blindfold themselves and throw a few Aunt Sally's ...

Indeed, boys (especially if they are blonde or look very 'pretty' and svelte) should notice that Dolly Baba is in a corner. Under no circumstances is it advisable to let the Sai zapper doll get you in a corner! Rather, shut your eyes and run like hell! 

Get to the safe company of former devotees who have earnt a lifetime of respect in their professions, trades and wider communities. We will support you in love and in trust. If you need privacy, we will assure it. If you wish to connect with any of our highly qualified, experienced, respected sexual abuse counselors, let us know - we can refer you. If you or your family or others you believe to have been sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba wish to to seek legal redress, we shall go all out to see that you and/or they have the benefit of advice from world class legal resources.

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