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Date: 11/12/00 6:17 p.m.

Dear Pax,

I believe that the report in the Telegraph will alert many people to the otherwise generally unreported in the UK (till now) goings on with the Sai Org and sb himself. Isaac Tigrett's comments cast doubt and also sit on the fence, so they are not conclusive to a complete denial. I personally hope that they help open up the whole debate to a wider audience. Whether this has a great and harmful effect on the UK Sai movement I could not give a deeply informed judgement, because it will affect individuals in their very own personal way - what it does do is begin to nudge people out of blind acceptance of some self proclaimed superior power that is masquerading as the Three O's. It may very well begin an awakening process. From ex devotees who I know the conclusion is unanimous - 'at last a balanced discussion/reporting of a very troublesome phenomenon and one that needs excorsing.'

As for what the Sai movement in India think I have absolutely no idea I am afraid. (Having lost my fly on the wall bilocation status some lifetimes ago, I am working to replace those skills this time round!!!!!)

It is very understandable that there are many elderly folk who may be confused with what is coming out. As with all reports whether personally told, web initiated or media driven it must be the individual's own discrimination, conscience and wisdom that is called on to sift the presented stuff and come to their own conclusion. These are really challenging times for all of us on all levels. If some chose not to read all the presented stuff then that is their choice. Having known Peggy personally I do feel it was a blessing for her not to have been around when this all broke, however a part of me feels that she would have been quite sanguine about the ever changing nature of reality!!

Some folk in the Sai Study groups I have heard have found that they need to step back from the previous close involvement they had. I would imagine that since there has been a great deal of difficulty recently with the Sai groups here unable to find locations for their major meetings due to the public reaction of the article and the information gathered by the Home and Foreign Office, they( the organizers) will be hard pressed to explain to the remaining following the confusion of displacement. But I am sure that with a goodly collection of masters of spin, the net of the party line will be cast wide and suitable excuses thrown before the enquiring few.

Some years ago I heard David Jevons give a "beware lie mongers and stirrers" speech to an annual group feast, at a time when he was personally aware of the goings on perpetrated by sb. Someone on this list pointed people to a web address with re: A speech by David as upholding his staying on message. I have not been able to get into that particular site to verify if this was a transcript of this particular talk or something more modern. Maybe someone out there can illuminate.

Reports re: PK I have had state that she has broken off, though there are those on this site who deny that - so as with so much of this we are not able to clarify one way or the other. Maybe PK will spot our exchanges and establish her present status. That would help!

Hope this helps



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Date: 11/13/00 6:47 a.m.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for the informative report.

The Jevon's now live in Canada and come back two or three times a year to visit their children. I have one of their cassette tape, where Mr. Jevon's speaks about Sai's 75th Birthday. This particular cassette tape is about one year old now. I know nothing about him writing reports on the 'Net'. I only ever spoke to his wife once. She seemed somewhat 'snooty' to me, however, snooty or not - she was a very sharp lady!!!

As I said before, I don't attend meetings and I am not part of the Sai Movement.

Many years ago, I confronted Aime Levy over certain issues concerning finance, he was 'not amused' and I QUICKLY became 'persona non grata' and have remained that way.

However, I do on occasion, attend a Surrey Sai Group which is held in the home of a very elderly Sai devotee. He, and his wife, have been devotees for some 30 years, having learned about Sai through their daughter. Most of the family are devotees, his son, daughter and even the grandchildren.

We attended the October meeting but it was very sad indeed. The Sai Family had received the findings and had instantly thrown them away. The group members also received copies of the findings and had read them. Several had decided not to attend the Sai Group again. Others remained silent but affected by the reports.

The October meeting was tense and the atmosphere strained. It was like a light had gone out. No doubt, due in part, to the lady running that particular meeting. - She insisted on talking about the Sai Org! and the 75th b'day. (No sense of timing on her behalf.)

At the end of the meeting several of the ladies asked the Sai Family to discuss the findings. They thought by discussing the various reports, it would clear the air. However, The family was in no mood to discuss them. The elderly gent. stood rigid with his head bowed low at being asked to do so. He obviously needed to protect his feelings and made it clearly visible. It was very poignant to watch. The subject was changed to something lighter.

I suppose at the ripe old age of 87, he wouldn't wish to discuss the findings. He had given 30 years of his time to the Sai Org. He had been very good friends with Peggy and her husband Ron. Also with Lucas Ralli and the others. He had fully supported the Sai activities. Although, he was a steady member of the Sai Org., he had always made me welcome to his home. Even though I was known to be - 'persona non grata.'

One of the elderly group members told me later, that she would never believe in anything again. Even Jesus Christ was a fake! (Or some such words.) She no longer believed in miracles, or healings or anything.

"What had changed her mind about Jesus?" I asked.

"David Icke" she answered.

She was now engrossed in his writings!! (Being a lonely lady living in sheltered housing, I expect she felt the need to hang on to something.)

Unlike my English friend in Sri Lanka, (I've just returned), and Phoenixboy, both young enough to accept change, also sophisticated enough to see the bigger picture and draw their own conclusions, the elderly are not so fortunate or adaptable.

The Sai Family I've mentioned here, have never given away their power. They simply used the Sai teachings, or Vedanta, to guide them on their spiritual way. The couple, even in their 80's, provide help for men-cap and other such charities. The elderly gent. until recently, had been part of the meals on wheels service. I'd never describe this successful family as cult members or in anyway fanatical. Life had been very good to them, and they merely wanted to learn more spiritual wisdom and to help others.

I am not posting this to blame/shame anyone here. That wouldn't be fair, but to give some idea how the reports affect the elderly.

Love and Light