Epitaph for Raju by Mr. Jaap C. Hutte


Date: 08-14-02

Posted by: Andries Krugers Dagneaux

Written by: Jaap Hutte

Email: hutte.1@hccnet.nl

Document date: Tue Aug 13, 2002 8:36 p.m.

Subject: Epitaph for Raju by Jaap C. Hutte



He lived under a false name.

Pretending to show mankind The Way

To hide his real nature

He created his phoney Eden


Hunted and haunted by society

For aberrant behaviour

He soon fled into holiness

Revelled in sanctity


Like the snake in paradise

S S S he hissed

Enticing crowds with bitter honey

Of cheap jewellery and trinkets


Ruined countless young lives.

That got stuck in his crooked ways

And smiled that it was

All meant for their own good


Produced in a flash

For poor sods to play with

Was cowdung burnt to ash


Like a Judas, one of many,

Betraying his Creator

He sold the Vedic Message

For a few pieces of silver


Rambling on endlessly

He garbled fact and fancy

Incredibly his words were

Swallowed by gullible masses


Posing as symbol of honesty

Calling himself Truth

He lied at every step

And found following everywhere


Gathered round him

Fellow cheats and cronies

Ready to lie, steal and murder

Who rich and fat,

Jeered at the ignorant


Love my uncertainty

His gospel funny and false

Brought misery to millions

But professed to render bliss


Said 'LOVE' a thousand times

But the word was too offended

To come out properly

And left his lips blabbing filthily


Wheedling simple souls out of their savings

In self-puffery built schools and hospitals

From a fraction of their property

Preaching his goodness to the world


Glory be to the Highest

Who delivered us from this evil