Gurupurnima nonsense by Sai Baba



False Gurupurnima prophecy by Sai Baba




Date: 08-29-03

By: Sanjay K. Dadlani 


Hot on the heels of my recent "Gurupurnima nonsense" article, I have been a receipt of some hysterical emails sent to me by a few Sai Baba devotees that frantically explained how Sai Baba had apparently predicted the recent Mumbai bomb blast in his July Gurupurnima discourse. 

This is the statement under discussion: 

“Sarla Amma and Indulal Shah had to face innumerable difficulties those days. They overcame all those with courage and fortitude. They reside in Bombay (now Mumbai) which is not an ordinary place. It is like a 'bomb'.” 

I really hate to break illusions, but it is evident that the quote is being taken way out of context. Throughout the discourse, Sai Baba has been praising Indulal Shah and his wife Sarla for the long-time service they have rendered. Who knows what exactly Sai Baba means by ‘bomb’? How can ‘bomb’ in Bombay be taken as evidence when Bombay is now known as Mumbai? Shouldn’t it then be ‘mumb’? 

Sai Baba is describing the trials and suffering that the Shahs had to go through to set up the Bombay chapter of the Sai Organisation in the midst of “many troubles.” What exactly is this hostility? Could it be something to do with the simmering tensions that exist between the Hindu and Muslim communities of Bombay, that occasionally break out into full-fledged riots? Could it be something to do with the collective resistance against Sai Baba that was so prevalent in the 1950s and 1960s? 

Around 52 people are said to have died as a result of the bomb blast. Here is the clincher: 



If Sai Baba predicted a bomb, why didn’t he say or do anything to prevent it?