From where this man's "powers"



By Paul Holbach

Date: 7/17/00 12:49 p.m.

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Hi all, here it is:

"From where this man's "powers" come?" As a first thing we must state with calm certainty, that much of what is told about his miraculous potentialities is false. His ability in manipulating the matter is equal to that showed by some Himalayan Initiates; but sure enough the latters have never thought to sell themselves off as Divine Incarnations . As we have explained in the second part of this volume, at the times of Atlantis there were about ten millions of dark beings with great operating capacities on the matter. The reader may regard Sai Baba as one of them. In course of many lives, he has developed a considerable control on the Siddhis, by means of the etherical and astral Fires of Kundalini, which is kept below the Fourth Chakra. Sai Baba never uses the Quarto, the true center of the White Magician, but he operates through the Third Center, which contains the secrets of the dense and etherical matter. M.Me Blavatsky has many times described the materializations operated in her room by the Masters with whom she was in contact. Sai Baba is knowingly in contact with the black Lodge. Many of the effects produced by him are generated by the action determinated on the etherical plan by the latter's members. The items materialized by him are not true materializations, in the meaning of creations, but they are apportings. Such items are already existing, on the etherical and physical, dense plan. Through the energy emanated by the black Lodge he thickens them, after a dimensional shifting of those items. This kind of manifestations have been described by a British journalist, Paul Brunton, in presence of whom they were many times performed by different personages; he has described them in his first two books (Hidden Egypt and Hidden India). The thickening of a thought-form is however possible, by operating on the Third Chakra, as well as the transmutation of metals.

Today Sai Baba is identifiable as the maximum planetary dark expression knowingly operating for the black Lodge. His task is to charm as much people as possible, until the creation of a great movement which is able to hinder the spreading of Knowledge and Love in this century, by means of an apparent love, in a false way. His aim is to hit the human emotional in all possible ways, working to prevent people to achieve an individual Freedom. Although his apparent power could not trouble any Initiated to the Truth, his capacity to influence the human mind has not to be taken lightly. Today many people spread the vibuthi (the ash materialized by him) and objects received by him. All these items, as well as his photos and the symbol of the unity of religions used by him, contain a certain amount of negative influence. Sai Baba is exactly what the Christians define with the term of Antichrist. But after all this definition has not any deep meaning, since it doesn't exist any power which is able to interpose itself between the humanity and the Manifestation of the KRISTOS."


Paul Holbach