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Date: 04-11-03

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By: niuht_93

Date: Sat Apr 5, 2003  12:04 p.m.

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Subject: Re: Diamond fake article on


From:   "rvds2003"

Date:   Sat Apr 5, 2003  6:56 p.m.

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Subject: Re: Diamond fake article on

No ring or earring from Sai Baba has ever been shown to be a genuine diamond. It is all just talk without ANY reliable documentation. This claim is sheer running away from the facts by someone whose own standpoint and mistaken faith is fatally challenged on this issue by genuine and indisputable documentation of fakery. Even this person admitted that Sai Baba creates fake stones pretending them to be real to persons who lose faith in him (not genuine devotees), so he admits Sai Baba IS a cheat! This does not fit well with Sai Baba's constant moralising to others about telling the truth, or preaching sickeningly about his own perfection, and also about the genuineness of everything he creates and gives away. This is sheer deceit!

The green stone ring was admired by many Sai devotees as one of the brightest and best of the bunch of diamonds. It did not differ in any other way, except in being of the brightest sort, from other green stone rings given to people by Sai Baba. The fact is, Sai Baba is a faker. He gives such rings to Westerners who promise donations or who he thinks are well off. If anyone has a genuine diamond or other very precious stone of the size in question from Sai Baba, let them prove it. There is no one person in the entire Sai movement who can show a genuine certificate to this effect. But there are all kinds of stories invented about going to jewelers and getting them tested... but NO PROOF AT ALL. Besides, all these rings are enclosed at the back and can only be tested properly when opened. No believer has dared to have that done! Until then the world will simply laugh at Sai devotees belief in this deceit. The person who received it, Robert Priddy, was accepted for interviews and many other supposed boons from Sai Baba. He was very active full time as a devotee and leader, writing about 30 long articles in Sanathana Sarathi, plus an admired book on Sai Baba which was signed and blessed "by Swami". But then his friend, the editor V.K. Narasimhan told him how the younger brother of Sai Baba blackmailed the police through hour-long negotiations into shooting the four intruders into Sai Baba's apartment, while Sai Baba stood near by.


Date: Tue Apr 8, 2003  2:02 p.m.

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Subject: Unscrupulous Dealers Can Switch Real Gemstones

This happens more often than people think. I constantly hear stories from people in the collectibles business about dealers trying to buyvaluable collectibles from ignorant owners who come in to have them appraised. The dealer tells the person it's not worth anything and then offers to buy it for a few bucks knowing it's much more valuable.

In the case of rings, NEVER let your ring out of sight while being cleaned or appraised. If you go to a dealer asking him whether he can tell you if a gem is real, he KNOWS you don't know and are a prime subject for theft! If you don't have a receipt for the ring, then you can't EVER prove whether or not it was real to begin with!

It is possible, and HIGHLY probable, that Sai Baba materialized gem stones were switched if the stones were let out of sight. 


Shop owner arrested in gem switch

By: Irma L. Bravo


Tucson police arrested a jewelry shop owner on fraud and theft charges, saying he switched out customers' real diamonds for fake ones, officials said.

Cesar A. Garcia, 59, was arrested Thursday after police began an investigation at Cesar's Gold Creations, 3986 N. Oracle Road.

A 79-year-old woman told police she took a diamond ring to the store for cleaning in mid-December, and the $15,000 diamond was switched with a cubic zirconia, said Sgt. Judy Altieri, a police spokeswoman.

The woman, whose name was not released by police, chose the store because of a free cleaning advertisement, she said. The cleaning took about 30 minutes, and the woman and her husband thought the stone looked different after it was cleaned. They took the ring to another jeweler, who told them the stone was not a diamond, Altieri said. Tucson police conducted an undercover operation at the jewelry shop, she said.

Undercover officers took a ring with a $12,000 diamond to the store for cleaning, and Garcia cleaned the ring in the rear working area, she said. Another jeweler told officers the stone in the ring was not the $12,000 diamond, but a cubic zirconia, Altieri said.

Garcia was booked into the Pima County Jail on charges of fraudulent schemes and artifices and theft over $10,000. He was released on the promise to appear in court. Garcia pleaded guilty in 1999 to trafficking in stolen property, according to court records. He was sentenced to three years probation, but in July 2001 Garcia was sent to jail for probation violations.

According to court records, his jail term was completed Feb. 1, 2002.

Garcia could not be reached for comment.

Police said the fraud investigation is continuing, and people who feel they might have been victims can call 547-8892 to leave a message for detectives.  

* Star reporter Joseph Barrios contributed to this story.

From: "rvds2003"

Date: Tue Apr 8, 2003  5:20 p.m.

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Subject: Unscrupulous dealers and unscrupulous Sai Baba

The suggestion that unscrupulous dealers can switch gemstones may help stop Sai devotees getting their Sai Baba rings tested. The posting seems to hint that the jeweler who examined Priddy's stone could be unscrupulous. It was Peter Hertz, personal jeweler to Queen Margarethe of Denmark who examined that ring, filmed by a team from Danish National TV. Anyone who openly suggests he is unscrupulous is likely to hear from his lawyers quite soon, for he is of the few most prestigious royal jewelers in Scandinavia. The stone returned to Priddy was identical with the one delivered to Hertz, one that he had worn constantly for over 16 years. He explains this in detail in his writing at:

Priddy wrote: "Sai Baba had every opportunity subsequently to refute that this was a genuine green diamond he had given to me, for he accepted my book 'Source of the Dream' in 1994 and signed it on the inside cover. In that book the 'green diamond' is photographed very clearly and what SB said when he gave it to me is stated verbatim (see below). SB is supposed to know what is in any book (and anything anywhere!), and he has said as much in public numerous times too. So in no way can he be exonerated for fraudulent behaviour.

Many Sai devotees are deluded enough to explain away such facts in any conceivable fashion. Therefore, I can assure everyone that, when Mr. Hertz put the ring back together after opening it, the original stone WAS used (not exchanged by him with a fake). I can tell this by examining the stone through a strong magnifier, because the same few tiny specks as before can be seen within it and the same tiny broken edges on the stone after hard wear are still present. So the stone is exactly the same as before."

The plain fact is, Sai Baba pretended it was something it was not, pretended to 'materialise' it, which he evidently did not... just as he pretends to be something and someone he is not.

Evidently, no Sai devotee dares to test any of the alleged precious stones Sai Baba gives them. Otherwise the world would be shown proofs (with names and addresses of the jewelers involved etc.) that at least one such sizeable stone was genuine. But no... and there is a very good reason why they dare not test them... they are doubtless all synthetic stones!