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Spiritual Symposium, August 31

Grootebroek - Holland 2002

Translation: Ex Baba

By;  Bas van Velzen (Kannaiah)

When you read this article, the GKS family Holland works hard to get ready the organisation of the Spiritual Symposium. Several lecturers are invited about the subject 'Unity in Faiths'.

Mr. Humza Muljiani - Mumbai India about the Islam.

Mr. Bob LeVine - Ojai USA about the Jewish faith.

Mr. S. Subba Ramaiha - Bangalore India about Hiduism.

Pastor Bertus van Schaik – Holland about Christian Faith.

Mr. P.K Mukherjee - Mumbai India about GKS and the Sai Principle.

Why this symposium?

First we hoped that Mother Gopala Krishna would visit Holland this year again, so we started the organisation for this event. Last year we had one big public meeting with bhajans and sathsang in a schoolbuilding. Although one experienced this day was a success and that people were delighted to get darshan from our beloved Gopal Maa, the atmosphere was more or less dull in comparison with the temple.

This year we thought it ok to organize a day with a theme in the same room. The big hall is suitable for many interested people and can be fit up properly for the occasion. The theme is 'Unity in Faiths'. As we all know, is that one of the most important lessons of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Just before Mother Gopala Krishna decided not to come, I had a dream in which She told me that we had to go on organizing the event, even without the physical presence of the Mother.

Later this dream was confirmed, through what the whole Holland GKS group was urged to take part in organizing the event.

More than hundred years ago Swami Vivekananda took part in the Parliament of Faiths in Chicago. His words gave a new dimension to the faiths and the Americans were ready to hear that. In Holland one is normally open to faiths and the real meaning of that.

re= again, ligie = unify. What is separated and what needs to be unified again? Why is man looking for God? What is the power of attraction in all faiths and what makes that man is willing to give up everything in their search to God? The Spiritual Symposium should lead to respect and tolerance for the different beliefs and religions. It should learn us about the essence of religion and that God is one for all!

Jai Sai Ram, on behalf of the Foundation Sri Sai Mandiram Holland