Guru all of a sudden wants Sex


Dear Former Devotees Everywhere,

We have just received from our good friend and molestation victim, Jens Sethi , his translation of the article that appeared in "Bild"publication on August 21, 2000 in Munich , Germany.

Jen's is a real hero and not a zero like ssb. He has also filed a criminal sexual molestation complaint against sathya sai baba with the Public Prosecutor's office in Munich.

Friends, please send this to the media and the press in your areas and ask them to contact the reporter, Wolfgang Ranft to verify and republish the story.

I am forwarding this message to the two reporters at the Hartford Courant and will again request that they investigate and publish the real truth about who is behind the Sathya Sai School that is opening in two days in Hartford, Connecticut USA.

Jai Expose'


Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 07:46:43 EDT

Subject: Translation of the "Bild" article / Germany

Dear Glen,

I am not a professional translator but tried my best to convey the real meaning of the article. Please forwarded it to all who are interested. Thank you!

Guru all of a sudden wants Sex

By Wolfgang Ranft
Munich, 21. August 2000 / BILD - Page 3

Resident from Munich ran away from India

MUNICH - Jens Sethi was young, naive, full of religious expectations. In 1988 this resident from Munich who worked that time in a printing office travelled to India the land of the hinduistic Gurus. The 24-year-old man was looking for new spiritual fulfilment.

He found, what he was looking for. Sethi succumbed to the fascination of a Guru who was already 62-years old that time: Sathya Sai Baba.
"I was totally fascinated by the Aura of Sai Baba", he says today. "I surrendered in a way that I was mainly concentrating on him." Every year he travelled together with his wife for four or six weeks to the Ashram of Sai Baba. During the festival time more than 20 000 devotees gather there.
The fascination remained for Sethi just a external moment as he never could approach the Guru during the first years.

This happened only in October 1996 when Sethi finally decided to go to India where he settled down in Puttaparthi close to the Ashram. During the daily pilgrim-meeting he was called for an interview by the Guru, the utmost a pilgrim can expect within the Ashram.

Sethi enjoyed his good luck. He, one of those rare devotees, who has been personally selected by the Guru.

But the conversation took a different course than he expected. Sethi appeared together with his wife. The Guru was outraged and has sent the woman away.
Alone in the room the old man started to kiss the man from Munich, stroke him and went into the trousers.

Shocked but still full of faith and naivety Sethi accepted two other meetings some month later. Again the Guru kissed him and finally touched his genitals.

Only then the young man ran away back to Germany. It took him three years to overcome the crisis and to seperate himself mentally from his spiritual guide.
During that time he did investigations in the internet and came to know about other young men from UK, Sweden, USA who underwent a fate of similar experiences.

Only this summer he did the final step to escape from the spell under the Guru: He brought a charge against Sathya Sai Baba at the public prosecutorīs office in Munich - because of sexual molestation.