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Friday December 07 2007 22:05:03 PM BDT

Haraldur Erlendsson, Sweden
Dear people. I am from Iceland but write to you from Sweden. I want to point out a few things that a religious teacher in India is saying about the religion of Islam.

This "Guru" is one of today┤s most known Indian spiritual teachers. He is called today Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, but born a Sathyanarayana Raju. This supposed holy man has said and allowed to be published some very bad things about the religion of Islam. In his own book "Sathya Sai Vahini" Sai Baba writes: "Until the ravaging Muslims sprang on this country no one in this land of Bharath [India] knew what was meant by violence.

It is only when foreign hordes fell upon them and resorted to violence that the people came to know how intolerant man can be." The former pro-Sathya Sai Baba author Brian Steel writes: "The frequently repeated allegations by Sai Baba writers of a very detailed prediction by the Prophet Muhammad of the coming of Sai Baba is accepted by many devotees as totally authentic." Brian has recently (2005) uncovered a major fraud by the Sathya Sai Organisation at the Chaitanya Jyothi Museum in Prashanthi Nilayam where Sai Baba has his residence, where they have faked translations of Persian texts.

All this refers to undiscoverable, undocumented prophesies about Sathya Sai Baba being the Muslims' Mehdi Moud or Mahdi (lit. 'the expected one'). News of this was first announced by an elderly lady from Iran known in the Sai movement as 'Irani Ma'. These so-called Islamic prophesies contain allegations about the moral degeneracy of Muslims in this age which have become known throughout the Sathya Sai Baba movement, where not one person has bothered to question their validity or research their supposed source. This is what the prophesy about the coming Mehdi Moud reportedly states: "Mahomed was asked if he (Mohamed) was "The Master of the World". He said that he was not and that no prophet of God who had ever come to the world has come with the power which he will come. He went on to say that no prophet was like this Great Teacher, because all the prophets were killed by the people, as their power had not been sufficient to prevent their being killed, but that no power will be able to conquer or kill "The Great Teacher".

The disciples of Mahomed asked how they would find this great teacher. Mahomed first gave "The Great Guide" five names. He called Him "The Master of the World", "Master of Time", "God's President", "A Great Part of God on the Ground" and "God speaking and advising." He then went on to say to his disciples, "You can never find him, because at that time you will be so bad that you cannot recognise Him. Only a handful will find Him. Christians and other people of other religions will see Him, but Mussalmans will be so bad that they will not find him." ('The Heart of Sai' by R. Lowenberg, India Book House PVT. Ltd. BOMBAY- 1981, p 122).

The text of the Muslim book allegedly 'found by mysterious coincidence' in a Persian marketplace by the Iranian lady devotee gives over 300 indicators that all point to Sathya Sai Baba as the prophesized 'Mehdi Moud' or 'Master of the World'. This book's title was given by Irani Ma as being one of the many volumes of 'The Ocean of Light' (Vol. 13, 14th edition), which was supposed to have been a recording of the sayings of Mohammed.

Though the coming of the Mahdi or Mehdi (Great Master) is prophesied in ancient Islamic literature, no such volume containing any such prophesies as listed by Irani Ma can be found either by Sunni or Shiite Islamic authorities who have been contacted on this matter. Sai Baba claims that he is all deities rolled into one. He claims to have sent Jesus, Buddha and the Prophet Mohammed into the world. This supposed Holy man lives on contributions from wealthy "donors", people that have succumbed to cult control. Mostly these donations come from foreign "Sai Baba" organizations. The largest part comes from the U.S., but there are branches of the Sathya Sai organization in almost every country. There is even a Chinese one, see the following link:

There are bound to be Bangladeshi followers. Many of Baba's servitors have embezzled funds (eg. members he put on the Sathya Sai Central Trust like Col. Joga Rao, Narayanen, Mr. Nataraj and he retains them for ages – until it becomes too widely known, when he finally throws them out. Sai gives interviews both to known criminals in India and accepts their money (such as Bhangarappa, a known corrupt Karnataka politician and Mr. Reddy, the Madras ‘liquor baron’ who was murdered shortly afterwards) but also to foreign leaders who were major criminals For example Idi Amin of uganda (whom Baba visited in Africa in 1968 and spoke of in glowing terms), Bettino Craxi, former President of Italy who was convicted of corruption and died in exile. For many years there have been allegations surrounding him of sexual abuse. Some of them even decades old. Other crimes have also been attributed to Baba and his close circle.

Even assassinations which he has long used! In a bold style a Mr.Venkatamuni of Madras India was killed in Madurai by the "Sai Baba gang" and then after getting death certificates from doctors taken to Madras by Sathya Sai Baba in his own car and cremated without giving any information to the police and thus hushing up the matter. Afterwards the doctors who gave the death certificates also succumbed to death. This narration can be read in an August 1993 volume of the "Indian Skeptic".

Mr Basava Premanand, founder of the Indian rationalist association has a record of over a hundred people killed by the Sai Baba organization in India. After the BBC showed a television episode named "The secret Swami". Baba┤s infamy has been spreading fast in the western world. The Indian media however, has been slow to respond. Many would wonder why, It is true that many high ranking Indians are followers of Sai Baba. Yet that does not explain the reluctancy of Indian media.

In the words of one observer "In fact, we know that a weighty number of Sai Baba’s servitors know perfectly well of the countless credible evidences that men and women in many countries have tried to get the Sathya Sai Organization to heed. In short, to act responsibly in response to the reports that he has a long history of serial sex with underage males, and other young males, not to mention other crimes and betrayals. Such truth-telling would include admission that, for example, there was a massive cover-up by the Puttaparthi ashram authorities along with local, state and central governments of the police killings in Sai Baba’s bedroom on June 6, 1993. However, such Soviet-style, cultic lack of transparency and accountability, no matter that the allegations keep on coming year after year, have driven former devotees to go to great labors in producing documentation of their shocking revelations to the Internet, governments, Interpol, FBI, various police forces (who have their hands tied, unfortunately because India will not act), UNESCO, and the world media.

Most of the Indian media has a terrible record of shame in not investigating Sai Baba and his core leaders. The shame reflects all the more badly in that leading foreign media have faced the task. The whole Sai Baba organization behaves shockingly like a brainwashed, tightly controlled cult. A very dangerous one at that. Well doesn┤t it look like it when defenders of Sai Baba slander the good name of former devotees and his other critics who have spoken out?

Do you think it right that Sai Baba’s defenders should twist their words? That former devotees’ enormously dedicated service work in full faith in Sai Baba be erased, Orwellian-like, from the records? That any defender of Sai Baba should receive privileged information from top leaders in the Sai organization by which to further harass former devotees and other critics? That prominent official defenders of Sai Baba like G. Venkataraman and any proxy on the Internet should cite out-of-context and falsify? That those in the Sai Baba lobby should contact professional or university associates of former devotees? That by phone and email a Sai Baba protagonist (covertly in touch with Radio Sai personnel and certain top leaders in the U.S.A. (Radio Sai being a media propaganda tool for spreading the gospel of Baba)) should frighten former devotee friends, colleagues and other contacts related to their job or past devotees contacts and, with gross misinterpretation, use the shocked responses in their propaganda? That defenders of Sai Baba threaten with dire consequences, sometimes with death? That Sai devotees from official centers should cheer on and encourage attacks on the Internet against those who have called for proper investigation of the many and serious allegations against Sai Baba and his organization?

Sai devotees take as a license for hatred and revenge Sai Baba’s recent pronouncement that devotees should now “dissuade” those who criticize him? That a man with a CD allegedly of Sai Baba engaging in oral sex should be murdered, the only thing missing being that explosive CD? That an Indian former devotee who has spoken out should report no fewer than five very vicious attempts on his life or limb? That close colleagues like Dr Michael Goldstein, Dr G. Venkataraman, Indulal Shah, the late Dr John Hislop, Bob Bozzani, Dr William Harvey, Dr John C. Evans, Dr Narendra Reddy, Ashok Bhagani, T. Sri Ramanathan, Thorbj÷rn Meyer, J°rgen Trygved, Steen Piculell, J. Jagadeesan and many others, should assail or slander those whose probity and decency were accepted down so many years when they were devotees of Sathya Sai Baba - in some cases foremost leaders and in many cases long-time members?

In Baba┤s spiritual hermitages there are security agents and before you can get close to him you must pass through metal detectors. Heavily armed state and federal police forces and his own security and intelligence force, some of them specially trained in Israel and the USA guard him with a protection tighter than a drum. No shortage of firepower to deal with dissidents as in 1993. Strange measures for a holy man. It is rumored that the banks of the Chitravathi river that runs through the town of Puttaparthi where Sai Baba resides is littered with the graves of those that got in the way of this "Guru". Sai Baba is highly controversial to say the least. Yet he is estimated to have about 100 million followers worldwide. The US State department warns of him on their website. Stating "U.S. citizens should be aware that there have been unconfirmed reports of inappropriate sexual behavior by a prominent local religious leader at an ashram or religious retreat located in Andhra Pradesh.

Most of the reports indicate that the subjects of these approaches have been young male devotees, including a number of U.S. citizens.". A British MP, Mr. Tony Colman has asked the British parliament to investigate the many sexual allegations made against Sai Baba. In Tony┤s words "That this House, mindful of the many accounts and witness statements of the sexual abuse of the male children of devotees by the Indian guru Sai Baba, calls upon the Foreign Secretary to use the travel advice for India page of the Foreign Office website to issue guidance to British families intending to visit the ashram of Sai Baba about the possible danger to their male children of individual audiences with the guru." It is known that many young men that Sai Baba has abused have committed suicide. But some senior students at his schools who have been sodomized by Baba or are openly gay have taken to molesting other boys at Baba's educational institutions with the consent of the Baba and the practice is said to be so widespread that some speculate that this might indeed be the largest pedophile ring in existence.

Many witnesses attest that, whatever may be said of his ability to materialize objects, he often uses sleight of hand, faking materializations. Many video materials confirm this, including footage intended to depict Sai Baba in a favorable light. Increasingly, professionally made materials, in which Sai Baba has pretended to materialize precious stones (diamonds, emeralds, etc.), the videos reveal the objects to be fake. You can read more about these matters on the website www,saipetition,net. I personally know a person who was treated horribly by Sai Baba. Since i started researching the Sathya Sai phenomenon, it's like delving into a surreal nightmare, the political power the gluttony and pomp and pride, and all the people that are victims of Sai Baba, a man who claims to be saviour! Sai Baba has shown much international political ambition. Getting famous people to promote him like Dr.Sunny Anand, the medical advisor of President George W. Bush. Dr Sunny Anand lives in Little Rock Arkansas where Bill Clinton was born, where the Mayor Jim Dailey recently proclaimed a Sathya Sai Baba Day.

Shortly before, Mayor Slay of Saint Louis did the same. The worldwide and powerful Sai Baba cult works relentlessly to insinuate itself into religious and political mainstreams and then triumphantly features famous 'catches' such as Dr. Anand. In their recruiting efforts, the Sathya Sai Organization shows costly Sai Baba propaganda films and hires luxurious venues such as a Hilton Ballroom, the Cooper Union, La Mirada Theatre, Sydney Superdome, and Melbourne Town Hall.

In the middle of poverty stricken Andhra Pradesh you can find Baba┤s main Ashram, Prasanthi Nilayam. All around him farmers are committing suicide because of drought and bankruptsy while Baba and his high powered political machine are trying to get famous and influential people into his Guru trap! There is hardly a leftist liberal that has not heard of the teachings of this Guru or wanted to visit him. Whether they know the truth about this man i do not know. It is my hope that people stay away from this dangerous cult and it┤s followers.

Haraldur Erlendsson
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