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Date: 9/1/00 1:39 a.m.

Re: How it works...3

Dear Harisampath:

Thanks for your response and your information about the inner workings. I am waiting to hear the circumstances under which the member of the inner coterie divulged to you details of the Venezuelan incident. I also await the continuation of your series.

I have sufficient information to be duly cautious about what happens in Puttaparthi after talking to an acquaintance and I have made suitable adjustments.

In my opinion, many people have had genuine experiences that are difficult to dismiss (on both sides). If you reject miracles outright, which people have personally experienced, you cannot hope that they will give you a hearing. This we see time and time again on these boards.
This is the same feeling that an anti-Sai person must experience when their personal evidence is rejected outright.

The popular explanation for genuine miracles seems to be that the inner God manifests to help you in the form you desire in various situations (such as those described by shamaness on her website). However, this is not entirely satisfactory. For instance, take Connie Larsson's story. IF YOU BELIEVE Larsson, when he was rescued by Sathya Sai Baba from an imminent suicide attempt in Sri Lanka, he had no idea who Sathya Sai Baba was. Yet, a young man with an Afro beckoned him, showed him a big photograph of Baba (who resembled the young man), and asked him to visit Baba in India. (I am not doing full justice to Larsson's version, but hope I am capturing the relevant essence.) This was Larsson's introduction to Baba. It is difficult to think of the INNER FOCUS ( as per shamaness) directing a person to Sai Baba, when the person is unaware of Sai Baba to begin with.
There are other such incidents as I ponder the evidence that I have heard over the years. But these incidents are not in the public domain.

I am willing to concede that some events may be myths generated by misunderstandings as posited by you. Others may be the work of feverish imaginations. Also, the inner focus theory provides a plausible explanation for many situations. Nonetheless, are there no incidents that you have come across which are genuine, and which cannot be easily attributed to the inner focus theory? I raise this issue, because in my discussions with devotees, the anti-Sai postings completely dismissing such experiences pose a hurdle that cannot be overcome. You can see it reflected in several postings on the other board.

I hope that anti-Sai folks do not develop a cultic attitude in dismissing any claims of Baba's powers. Having an open mind is essential on the anti-Sai side as well, and not everyone there is open. In fact, sometimes I see folks who have little experience with Baba (or his organization) take authoritative positions, when they would be better served by saying less and learning more. I commend Nanook in this regard.

May all of us be full of peace.


P.S. Incidentally, useful information on the inner focus theory is found in a series of lectures by Faqir Chand, linked to the Neuralsurfer's site. Faqir Chand, an unassuming teacher, affirms that he has no knowledge of his visions seen by his devotees. This is worthwhile reading for those struggling with the inner focus theory.

Message 369

Date: 9/1/00 1:51 a.m.

Baba's discourses

I would like to see responses to the query on the other board regarding Baba's ability to give impressive discourses. I skimmed the latest Sanathana Sarathi, and I have to say that for someone who is besieged by a scandalous allegations, he seems to give pretty good talks. He also has a very good ability to state Vedic truths in simple, easy to follow examples.

For somebody who became a guru at age 14, he has a vast database that he is able to tap into - Telugu poems, Vedic slokas etc. Yes, I am aware of all the discrepancies noted in the skeptics site. But this is not a person who was sequestered with books till he was 30 or 40 years old. Given that, he is an impressive speaker on most occasions.

Any comments?


Answer of Hari Sampath

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Message 370

Date: 9/1/00 12:19 p.m.

Re: Baba's discourses

Dear HariOm and everyone,

Sathya Sai Baba is a highly intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, and gifted orator. He has the ability to absorb a lot of detail very quickly and assimilate the information. You must remember that although he never attended school beyond the age of 14, he has been constantly meeting with thousands of people from all walks of life, and from these people he observes, and absorbs.

For e.g. he can put carefully worded questions to a cardiologist and from the answers, get a good idea of what is a mistral valve relapse. The next day, he will surprise a group with this specific information and do it in such a way that people think he knows a great deal more than what he actually does, and had known it since he was born. This is, in my opinion, Sai Baba's biggest ability/trick, which he uses extremely well to convey the impression of omnipresence, omniscience etc.

This exactly is what he does in the case of most "omniscience miracles" too.

Regarding the knowledge of Vedas, scholarly abilities, and ability to put things in easy examples, yes, he has all of them. Remember even Ravana, the asura was a master of the four vedas.

Actually, to my mind, Sai Baba is one of the most intelligent and capable persons I had ever come across.

He could have and certainly would have been a huge success as a politician , businessman and world leader had he wanted it.

But, unfortunately, he combined all these three things and added God to it, wanted to be God. He wanted fame, power, glory and the adulation of masses. This was the way he chose to attain it.

He has perverted sexual weaknesses and desires and an ever increasing greed and lust for fame, recognition and power.

How very very sad. Just think what all he could have been, and what he chose to be. I am positive that his life would indeed be a message to mankind, but not in the sense he means it. Instead , it will certainly reflect the great principle that untruth, deceit and adharma, will NEVER win, no matter how many people support it, or whatever resources such an effort has.


Hari Sampath.