Now SSB has fallen in his own trap.





Date: 22-01-04

From: Åsa Samsioe


10.01.04 - Evening Session Annual Sports and Cultural Meet, 2004 - Hill View Stadium Prasanthi Nilayam


                                     Health is Wealth (!)


“Health is wealth. Without a healthy body, man cannot execute any of his thoughts, however good they may be. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” 

“Several scholars and intellectuals have attempted to control, if not eradicate, ill health. The Romans were front-runners in this aspect. They maintained healthy and strong bodies and kept each limb and organ of the body in as near perfect and strong condition as possible. They did this by watching the three main aspects- Conduct, Character and Sensitivity. They remained self-sufficient as far as bodily needs were concerned and did not like depending on their fellow men to help them move about for their daily needs.”

 (Summer Course Discourse - 27 May 2002)