Date: 12-11-03

By: Robert Priddy


Mary Garden's brilliant autobiographical book 'The Serpent Rising', in which she relates with great frankness her dreadful experiences with gurus, gets a mixed reception from an Indian called Leo Rebello, who offered himself as a distributor of it for India. She informs me that he wrote accusing her of committing murder when she had an abortion (on misplaced devotion to the father, her guru, whose rigid insistence she unfortunately submitted to against her own feelings).  So much for gurus, but Rebello evidently considers himself a kind of guru, yet he writes down to her in a very unkindly way. Once again, so much for such false gurus!  What may be of some interest, however, is that Rebello wrote:
"I finished reading your book "The Serpent Rising", this evening. Frankly, I am disappointed because, it has very little information on
Rajneesh. And what you have related about Sai Baba, that he being a hermaphrodite and homosexual, is known to everyone."
The accuracy of such a man is evidently extremely questionable when he claims that these facts are "known to everyone." That'll be a great day! His sweeping claim speaks clearly of the quality of other qualifications he claims to have as a doctor of ayurvedic medicine and an expert on AIDS cures without any retroviral drugs! Just think, he aspires to the Nobel Prize in Medicine, having sent out mails seeking support for this both to East and West, including to me. However, his claims that Sathya Sai Baba is known to everyone to be a hermaphrodite is worth notice. It seems to say a lot, too, about how narrow a circle of people who Leo Rebello knows would have to be if this were true.