Date: 06-24-03

By: Robert Priddy



Considering that a mass of evidence has been available for a long time now to show that Sathya Sai Baba is not at all what he claims to be, it is pitiful to see the extent to which devotees are willing to blind their own minds and bend their values backward to turn moral truths upside-down to discount indisputable facts. There are among them plenty of mental hawkers and tinkers who practice systematic, self-reproducing gullibility. A whole membership website and discussion forum run by a second-hand car dealer, Bon Giovanni, is devoted to fitting some of the most unavoidable facts to the Procrustean bed of complete belief in SSB's claims about his total purity and truthfulness etc. etc.

Among followers Ram Das Awle stands out like a sore thumb and should go down as one whose views approach those of Aleisteir Crowley, the delinquent practitioner of 'magick' whose morals went haywire (and who further was happy to be known as 'The Great Beast'). Awle's ideas are fatally flawed and baseless fantasy, as will be seen, and so they are just not worth refuting systematically. It would be more enlightening to argue with Faust's Mephistopheles!



A couple of weeks ago, Sai Baba took a letter from me in darshan, thereby instructing me to open a website, using some material I've been writing which directly addresses the allegations of Baba's sexual contact with devotees. He confirmed the final version this morning with a padnamaskar. Jai Sai Ram!

The piece presents the best evidence I've found that Baba is a Poornavatar, a full incarnation of God - yet I've also taken the point of view that some of the allegations of sexual contact may indeed be true.



Das Awle then gives an URL to click on. Instead. however, one gets a site offering free porn in return for one's e-mail address! So either the omnipotent avatar's plans for that site seem to have been somewhat upset by some person whose moral principles all are free to evaluate, or else perhaps there is a real meaning in this porno... straight from the omnipotent avatar's right hand, which he tells us holds everything. A paedophile pornavatar, it would seem! We note that the second-hand car salesman Bon Giovanni, who has posted wholly baseless accusations of paedophilia against critics of SSB (a dirty 'sales trick') also posted enthusiastic support and praise for the supercilious and immoral rot that Awle hands out.

In short, the substance of Awle's entire standpoint is that God (meaning, for him, the person of Sathya Sai Baba) does and can and may do ANYTHING WHATEVER, however vile or perverted by our human standards (allegations include anal rape of minors and tacit support of executions of four of his followers etc. etc.). The key unproven and massive assumption on which all is based is that SSB, being God Almighty Himself, alone knows what is best for everyone. To borrow a line from the Koran "No one is worthy of worship, save Allah". However, Sai devotees see the name and form of Sathya Sai Baba as a valid substitute for Allah, and he is also regarded as superior in power to Christ, who he has personally claimed he sent to earth on his mission!

That such a perverted pseudo-theology as Awle forwards could be taken seriously by so many followers as it evidently is would support the belief that the Dark Age of Kali in which immorality reigns is now at its apex with a full-blown paedophile Poorna Avatar in charge whose (sex) Life is his Message! Awle's self-proclaimed "imaginative fervour" is nothing more nor less than that... imagination, and a very sick one to boot. It is put on record here so that it should at least not be lost to posterity - for it is a classic example of the extremes of confused thinking Sai devotees can and do descend to. He admits his acceptance of the sex abuse allegations and natural confusion but then tells how he thinks he has been inspired to surmount it by his "fervid imagination":-


First of all, I believe that Sathya Sai Baba is an Avatar, a full incarnation of God - “the most powerful incarnation of God ever to come to the Earth” (as Anandamoyi Ma described Sai Baba). AND, from what I’ve read and heard, I’m inclined to think some of the allegations about Baba are probably true: it appears likely to me that He has occasionally had sexually intimate interactions with devotees. God has given me the grace to be able to see that these two ideas are not necessarily in contradiction, and I invite the world to explore that possibility with me here. As I lay in my room immersed in confusion, I suddenly heard Baba’s voice again:

“Know that whatever I do with my devotees is always the most efficient medicine for those souls, and a gift of immeasurable grace. My actions are always a perfect expression of Divine Love, for That is what I am.”

One legitimate reason for sexual contact between a Master and devotee is the removal of sexual karma from a devotee’s previous incarnation - and I believe this is probably the underlying reason for most of Baba’s tantric work. As an Avatar, Sai Baba has come only to set us free; there could be no trace of selfish or sexual desire in Him whatsoever. And yet He is perfectly capable of functioning in a sexual way, if that is the most efficient way to set us free from our karma.

Surely, if Sai Baba has interacted with any of His devotees in a sexual way, it has been only a similar gift of Love and grace - all the more so since Baba knows the misinterpretation of such actions will put His global reputation at risk. Yet He does exactly what is needed to set His devotees free, no matter what the damage might be to His reputation. To my mind, that is the mark of a truly great Master.

With my fervid imagination [ : ) ] I’ve come up with seven types of people with whom a Divine Incarnation might interact in a sexual way:

1. Those who need a special dose of divine energy to awaken the Kundalini.

2. Those who have misused sexual energy in past lives, and therefore need that karma (and that pattern of behavior) removed.

A friend of mine had a vision regarding one of the people who has accused Baba of sexual behavior, and saw that in a past life that soul had been the abbot of a monastery, and had used his position to sexually molest many of the new monks. My friend saw that in this lifetime, through Baba’s intervention, that karma had been removed, and that soul thereby freed from his destructive tendency.

3. Those who have a strong pattern of sexual desire which is creating an obstacle to their happiness and spiritual growth. It seems likely to me that through one interaction with an Avatar, a pattern of desire that has been building in the mind for lifetimes could be erased instantly, just as a computer disk full of pornographic imagery can be erased in a few seconds with a single ‘click’. When, through some grace-filled action, an Avatar removes a burden of karma and vasanas (unhealthy mental patterns) from an individual, the momentum of that soul’s evolution would be bound to powerfully increase; it would be like being placed on a short-cut to God-Realization. (Keep in mind, some Masters have said that even after a soul meets a true Guru, there can be as many as fifty human incarnations remaining before Self-Realization is attained, depending on the individual’s karma. So a short-cut to God-Realization is no small gift! Baba’s intervention can literally save us from thousands of years of human suffering.).

4. Those with special health needs. The testicles are a primary source of hormonal power. Surely one touch from the Divine Hand could strengthen the life force immeasurably, ensuring a lifetime of health and vitality. Similarly, those with some form of sexual dysfunction could receive an instant healing through one touch from the Lord. (I've recently learned that Baba has, in fact, healed a number of people of impotence in exactly this way.)

5. Those who are destined to be parents to a high soul. Through one touch to the testicles, Baba could super-charge the semen with divine shakti, thereby enabling some great soul to incarnate. (Similarly, a touch to the belly of a woman could be preparing her womb for a special Divine Visitor. Imagine the lucky child, who gets his bed-womb swept by an Avatar?)

6. Those whose relationships with Divine Masters in previous lifetimes contained an element of sexuality, such as the consorts of Padmasambhava, or the Gopis and the wives of Sri Krishna. According to the ‘palm-leaf prophecies’, many of Sai Baba’s current devotees were His wives and devotees during His incarnation as Krishna. Perhaps Krishna gave some of His wives a promise that they could return and be intimate with Him in His next incarnation - who knows? At some point, of course, God’s grace will lift those devotees beyond all such desire, into full spiritual union, which is what Baba truly wants to give.

7. Those who have an unhealthy ‘psychological split’ between sexuality and spirituality, who believe that sex is evil and separate from God, or that God sits in condemnation of our sexuality. What better way to heal that split than to receive a loving sexual touch from a Divine Incarnation?
All of these interactions would have ultimately the same effect: leading the souls involved closer to union with God.


Though the above drivel is published under the title "Sai Baba and Sex: A Clear View", some of it has proven too foggy and disturbing for many Sai devotees... those who opt to doubt the much wider allegations of pederasty and sodomy by SSB. Therefore, anonymous devotees have circulated within the movement milder explanatory points for those who cannot doubt that genital oiling and French kissing takes place, including supposedly 'raising the kundalini' or quelling young men's raging hormones, healing of malfunctions etc.

Apparently no need for Viagra if you are impotent, just try to get your balls oiled for SSB-super-charged semen and 'hormonal power' (If you possess any balls, being of the right sex, that is!) Is this just damn hard luck on all the world's women? Well, further comment is hardly required by the sane among us. However, some of the fallacies and distortions of spirituality involved in the above are dealt with interestingly by various informed persons. See: