How stupid can it be?




Date: 11-23-02

From: Åsa Samsioe


There has recently been another one of those discourses of SB blunting and dulling the intellect of his poor devotees.
For some reason the old goat has got difficulties to walk.
Sanjay Dadlani hard-headed points out: “Stupid Sai Baba has got arthritis which has got worse.”

To prevent his devotees from believing, that he as ordinary mortals, is pained by old age ailments, SB must find a reasonable explanation for his stumbling steps. Now we know that the culprit is His “Divine Magnetic Power”!
That's why it's so hard for him to move his Lotus Feet.
In his discourse from 16 March he explains to us that it is the combination of his growing magnetism and the attraction power of the earth, that is slowing down his steps.
And the magnetism/arthritis is increasing day by day.

It must be terribly troublesome for God to have these difficulties to move.
And what a strange coincidence that this happens to him in an age when ordinary mortals usually get these sorts of ailments....
But surely we can get consoled that our hero at least doesn't have any pain (even if his devotees seem to be convinced that he has).
And to be on the safe side, just to cancel possible doubts, SB tells us: “I try to lift My foot, but it is very difficult. Even if I use great force, it does not get separated from the earth. It can be separated only through My Sankalpa.”
If the doubt is still there and we wonder why he cannot use his Sankalpa often enough, he enlightens us: " The noble and the pious are subjected to a lot of hardship in this world. Divinity cannot be understood.”
If anybody still doesn't understand this divine magnetism, SB assures us that:
“Some people do not understand the power of divine magnet. They argue, "If there is attraction power in the 'magnet', why is it not able to attract us?" How can a magnet attract an iron piece, which is full of rust and dust?”
So if we take him seriously we must ponder upon, how it is possible, that all these ex devotees, who were free from rust and dust when they first met SB, suddenly became full of rust and dust after years as his ardent devotees! Their acquaintance with SB cannot have been beneficial for their spiritual development. There must have been some sort of bad company for them....

Poor SB what a tough job for him to keep his image as God! It can't be easy for an aging man to have to prove his divinity all the time! But certainly he is helped by some tricks. The most useful of these must be his saying that “Divinity cannot be understood.”
And after all he is very experienced lying about his health condition since he was young.
The epileptic seizures that he certainly had in his youth (for which he probably has got some treatment), were according to him just trance conditions, with the purpose to rescue some devotees...
And every time his health has been poor, there have been different explanations, mostly altruistic motives, that have made him a hero for his devotees. But he has never admitted any problems at all with his own health.
Lately in his discourses he has also called our attention to what a youthful strong and vital body he has....
It must be an awful narcissistic insult for him not to be able to walk properly.
What will happen with his darshans then? And what would be the reason for his devotees to visit him if there are no darshans any more?
Are they going to drag him on a cart when his problems are getting worse?
Perhaps his grandiosity which now must be near collapse has to be strengthened, with sayings like:
“You are going to witness the divine glory of Swami unfolding in the days to come. He will attract the whole world. There won't be place for people to stand even.” .... “Very soon, everyone in this world will lead ideal lives.”

However thanks to modern information technology, SB's chances to get new devotees and standing-room for the crowd must be quite limited.
The most credible scenario is that the devotees will thin out. Then there will be plenty of space for his cart.
Was it perhaps his Divine Sankalpa that induced the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Adelaide, South Australia, to cancel the Sai National Conference 2003 from taking place in his University?
No... it was the compelling information about SB's homosexual molestations of children and young men.

According to SB's old age and his ailments, how can anybody believe that the Golden Age, that he promises us will come in his life time?
The world of today is least of all one where people “lead ideal lives.” And how would he manage this task, when after all these years he has not been able even to purify his own ashrams.
How stupid can it be? Where is the limit where his most stubborn devotees cannot stand the strain any more? Or are there any limits at all for his stupidities?