Sai baba, the Avatar-Imposter


A Very Clever Set-up

By Anthony Thomas


Finally, the barriers preventing the exposure of sai baba are being broken down. This has been through continued efforts by many people, but particularly that of ex-devotees. Perhaps the exposure presented by Faye and David Bailey, two well-known long-term sai baba devotees who are known for having promoted him through their lectures and book, has caused a significant breakthrough. Now hundreds more are coming forward daily, many of whom have been trying for years to have their story heard.

All these people have only touched the tip of the iceberg. There is a great deal more happening on other levels than the physical.

I have been aware of this Being for a long time - having run into him on higher planes. I have never been a devotee or connected to him in any way. I have always known that it would need devotees to speak out in order to make any headway into the breaking up of this incredible plan. This is now happening.

This Being is a 'Dark Lord' (possibly anti-Christ level!) It is a BIG issue. Millions of people are linked to this energy.

Here it what really happens.

First of all, he does have a lot of power. I have observed this first hand. I am not speaking about the physical plane. I have never met him physically. However, as I have gone about my work on other levels, I have had many 'run-ins' with him over the years as he has attempted to keep me from doing my Light work.

On a physical level, with the incredible amount of etheric energy and adoration that is directed toward him from millions of people, he could easily have sufficient power to manifest objects. Anyone could! I can’t imagine why he bothers with faking it! I guess he uses most of the power given to him in the 'visitations' he gives which causes a great effect and adoration.

On a spiritual level, the scene is:

1. As soon as someone aligns their energy to his, even slightly, he places a part of himself in their space.

2. From that connection, he then begins to steer the person toward his own agenda and away from theirs.

3. Some people may not be familiar with this, but we all carry codes on an etheric level that are part of the work we came here to do. Aside from our personal path of learning and evolutionary growth, many people have chosen to do some work toward helping the planet as a whole. This could be any sort of job, ranging from sweeping the streets to becoming president. Most of these jobs involve the use of these codes. They help get the job done. We download these to various places, sacred sites and people, as well as use the mathematics in these codes to carry out the jobs we have agreed to do here.

When anyone links to the energy of 'sb', any codes they are carrying are immediately contaminated. The codes are then worthless unless they are cleaned up. Anyone linked to the energy of 'sb' may feel they are doing their agreed jobs, but generally this will not be the case. Even when they do manage to do the thing they were meant to do (and not a replacement job given to them by 'sb'), because their codes are messed up, nothing useful is achieved. It also has another effect. Because the people who were meant to be there did turn up to add their codes, it will seem to any other people involved in that particular project, that the outcome was successful. What is not realised (because a lot of people are na´ve about such things - and don’t listen to their intuition) is that those people’s codes were useless - and are sometimes even detrimental to the functioning codes.

4. Those who really consciously link to his energy, i.e. devotees, have placed within them (by him) an automatic reaction of anger and denial if anyone attempts to tell them there is anything wrong with him. Most of them react angrily and flatly refuse to even contemplate such an idea. Their irrational anger is actually a good indicator that they are well and truly hooked.

Interestingly, (and obviously, when you think about it) because all sai baba devotees have a bit of him in their space, anyone who can sense people’s vibration will feel the same vibration in every devotee--that of sai baba. The person's own vibration is swamped. Of course, his devotees would be delighted with this information, because they would be pleased that they have 'God' - in their space. They do not realise the implications for their evolution.

It only needs a subtle connection to make a link with him. An an example would be: a 'sb' devotee visits a friend and talks about how wonderful he is and how he has helped all these hospitals, etc. etc. The person listening only needs to tacitly approve of this -and bingo- sai baba has aligned with them, to varying degrees. Many then get a 'visitation' from him in the etheric. They see him clearly and remember it. Their ego comes into play and they get impressed by it. Many feel that such an event must mean he is God, as he states. Many also assume this level of power can only mean Light. As well as being impressed, the person feels special because it seems they have been 'worthy' of a visit. And so they buy right into his energy. Then they are really 'gone.'

Lots don’t get a visitation (probably because he knows that won’t work with them), so they don't have any idea that their slight 'agreement' linked them right into his energy. They don’t give him another thought and carry on with their life, oblivious to the fact that a link has been made and that is it having an effect on their life. They wouldn't, for example, even consider that this information has anything to do with them.

I know that the following example may not be real to some people and will sound crazy, but there are many people that have an understanding of codes and the significance that mathematics plays in our universe. So, I feel that is worth me expressing this viewpoint. I can only quote my own experience, so readers will have to see if this resonates for them. I swear every word of this is true. This is just one experience of thousands to give an idea of how this linking can occur. Just one example of what is occurring right across the planet.

I visited a friend of mine who was caring for a friend who was awaiting an operation the next week. I mentioned that I was drawn to go to the Holy Shiva Festival in Southern India and I had some codes to take there (this was nowhere near 'you know who') This lady said to me "I also have codes to take there, but I am ill. Could you take them for me?" I said "Of course, but they are contaminated, so they need cleaning up before I can take them from you." She was shocked and said "But they came from the Highest Light. I said "I know they did. But since then they have become contaminated."

She went off into her room and came out half an hour later and said, "I have found it. A friend of mine visited me and was extolling the virtues of her guru, sai baba. I didn’t think much about it but I did agree that it seemed he was helping a lot of people. I feel this is the energy that has contaminated the codes and I have disconnected from it now. Will you take the codes now." I said,"A lot of the contamination was gone, but there is still some more."

She thought for a while and then said, "I’ve found it. It was the same energy source. It was another devotee friend of mine. She gave me a book of his as a gift, saying it was her most precious possession and she wanted me to have it. Although I felt I didn’t want it, I didn’t want to upset her (How many times have I heard that one!!!) so I took it. I put it on the bookshelf and never even looked at it. So, I have now disconnected from that link also. Can you take the codes now?" I agreed that they were in order now and I took them. They were duly passed over to an amazing Englishman who had been wandering India in a loincloth. He was about to begin the walk of the 7 Holy Temples across India, beginning at the source of the Ganges.

Three days later this lady had an appointment with the consultant (doctor) for a last minute check and it was discovered that all was now back in order and the operation was suddenly unnecessary. It was cancelled. That is the power of such a link being made and of such a link being dissolved.

Here's an example of the way sb devotees' energy can get tied up. I know a family of people who were close friends of mine. The girl lost her unborn baby (after trying to get pregnant for 15 years). To seek consolation, she visited sb’s ashram in India. He laid a hand on her head and said, "You are pregnant again now. Go home" She told us that she knew 'sb' was responsible for her new pregnancy. She was thrilled.

Afterwards the family was 'visited' by him and told to move to a particular area of the world and begin to work the land and create special crops. The whole family was involved. They have devoted many years now to doing exactly what they were told – and getting no place fast! I have since discovered from farmers in other areas that this particular area is extremely arid and has very poor nutritional soil, quite impossible to grow anything in.

That, unfortunately, is not the end of the story. The child was born and the nightmare began. Mentally retarded, constantly screaming and now over 12 years old, he has to be watched every second of his life. All the adults take it in turns. So, with both the child and the goal of growing on barren soil, these people have no time to do anything else. They really believe they are working for God and have 'his' picture in every room and in their cars.

I was recently told by a lady that she has spent 5 years writing a book dictated to her by 'sb.' She showed me several pages of this material. In addition to the 5 years writing it, she had spent a further 3 years sending it to publishers. All had rejected it. I read the pages. To be honest, it was awful. I didn’t believe anyone would ever publish it. She also mentioned that she had been so blessed by her wonderful guru sb, that she was allowed to write a further book for him and this would begin shortly. There are quite as few people out there writing his books. Some know it is from him but many others believe they channelling other Beings.'sb' knows these books will not be published, but it certainly ties up these people for many years, who never question what they are doing.

This example of steering people off their path may seem obvious to us, but not, it seems to them! Many are steered off in a much more subtle way and not as blatantly obviously as in these example.

Everything is a learning.

The job ahead, as I see it, is:

1. Somehow, getting this information to the many people hooked into his energy.

2. Trying to bypass the anger and dismissal of any proposal that he is anything else than 'God incarnate' - that has been programmed into his devotees. (Very tricky one to achieve.) They have to get to a point of at least being willing to look at the possibility that sai baba is not as he seems. Then they have a chance to break the energy link and re-align themselves to the Light. The trouble is that they also have to deal with their ego, as people don’t like to feel stupid and gullible. So as well as the hurdle of getting beyond this programme they have in their space, they also need to detach from self-judgement (ego) to be willing to look. It is a possibility that perhaps if there were stacks of people all insisting that he is not of the Light – the mass peer pressure may break through the barrier.

3. To also reach those people who are linked to this energy, but don’t realise it (not devotees). If they can just accept that it is worthwhile for them to check if they are only aligned to Highest Light.

Two more points I wish to make. One is about his name. I never use capital letters for his name and I avoid saying it more than once or twice in a conversation. Among my own family we never use his name and refer to him by another name. He has it set up in the universe so that using his name links people to his energy. The same applies to his picture.

The other is to do with channeling. So many people believe they are channeling an array of different ascended beings, and all they are getting is 'sb' using different guises. He very easily portrays himself as many different masters. If a channel is not able to distinguish different vibrations and does not discern sufficiently, it is not hard for him to get away with it.

So there it is - the truth as I perceive it to be. I am not into judgement. I detach and allow that whatever is to be, will be. I believe and pray that David and Faye’s own story carries the truth, sincerity and non-judgement necessary to really make a breakthrough.