Raising Kundalini


By: Hari Sampath

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 1041:


Date: 07-28-2001 07:28 PM ET (US)

To Dr Siva :

I ask you just ONE question :

Show me any one reference by Sai Baba that proves that kundalini shakthi can be raised by physically massaging the genitals of young men.

And IF at all you can show me that, then please refer to this following paragraph by the same Sam Sandweiss in "Spirit and the Mind" : page 291 :


If Kundalini is prematurely awakened before moral control is attained, there is a danger of stimulating the negative aspects. It is said that it is indeed far better for kundalini to remain dormant at the base of the spine until the individual has made definite moral development---until his will is strong enough to control the energy and his thoughts pure enough to face the awakening without any injury. Because if kundalini is aroused prematurely and without proper inner controls and moral fortitude, the energy may pass uncontrolled to excite the most undesirable passions--exciting them and intensifying their effects to such a degree that it becomes impossible for man to resist them.It may intensify evrything in (one's) nature , and it reaches the lower and evil qualities more readily than the good.


Considering that Sanweiss ( with the blessings of Sai Baba) has dwelt at length on this subject as above, a few questions come to mind.

1. Was Sai Baba trying to "raise" the kundalini energy of these young boys by kissing them, oiling their genitals, and also asking them to perform oral sex ?

2. All Sai devotees explain this as "adjusting their kundalini" because these young men had severe and bad karmic effects, Sai Baba was doing this to "help" them. But if these people were in such a stage of development so as to have "severe karmic effects" due to their past actions, then the question of raising their kunadalini hardly arises as they would be the last persons whose kundalini should be raised ( from the above report on kundalini in Sandweiss' book) as these young men are nowhere close to that stage of "moral purity" which is necessary for kundalini raising.

3. Sai Baba himself had spoken to each of these young men about their "bad thoughts", and "thinking too much about girls" etc as he was doing this ritual of touching , massaging and oiling , so we have the most direct evidence from Sai Baba that there is no question of these people being "eligible" for kundalini raising or in any state of readiness.

4. Now, if we are to assume that Sai Baba was NOT raising their kundalini, then he must have been lowering the kundalini. This is again impossible as how will the kundalini of young men "with bad thoughts" and "severe sexual karma" , ever rise in the first place ??? kundalini will only be raised by control, and if these young men were having so much "bad sexual karma" , and "bad thoughts about girls" etc, then there is no way their kundalini shakthi could have ever been raised.

taken together, all this proves that whatever "kundalini explanation" that the Sai Baba devotees give for all these sexual molestations, it doesn't hold up, no matter from what angle you approach it.

Additionally , we have two more important points :

1. Sai Baba has categorically stated that there is no such thing as kundalini shakthi rising up the spine. ( it is for the devotees to explain this)

2. Sai Baba has NEVER once said anything about kundalini raising by sexual touching. If this was indeed the case at all ( which it cannot be , even applying kundalini logic) then Sai Baba could very well announce it. As he hasn't even referred to this, we should conclude that this is not the case.

So it is just ordinary sexual encounters.

Hari Sampath