Sexually molested victim of Sai Baba

opened up to Kyra Kitts


From knkitts (Kyra Kitts) on:

Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 3954, the main part of it:

Date: 1/10/02 11:41 a.m.

What finally convinced me that sb wasn't an avadhut, was my conversation with an acquaintance at my center about a year after I came back from India. This man had spent a lot of time with sb in the sixties and seventies, as a boy.

Although he didn't mention it, I'm assuming that his parents were devotees for him to have spent so much time in India when he was a boy. He opened up once to me in 1982 or 1983 confidentially, and told me that he's been sexually molested by sb several times when in his late teens. Why he opened up to me I don't know. I guess he needed to talk and sensed someone with a possibly open mind.

He also said that these experiences had shattered him, and that he'd spent years attending center meetings since then trying to reconcile his molestation and conflicting feelings about sb with his sense that he still owed sb devotion.

This guy's life had been functionally wiped out by being molested. He told me that all these years after his molestation he was still unable to initiate or sustain an intimate relationship, and couldn't hold down a job for long. There was nothing for me to doubt in what he said.

This was the first I'd ever heard of the molestations, but it was enough to convince me that sb wasn't what he purported to be. I left sb at that point and stayed quiet about my experiences for 10 years.

Bob Bozzani's son may be also sexually abused

Date: 01-11-02

Message: 3973

I've also heard the rumor about Bob Bozzani's son being sexually abused. Also heard that the son complained to his parents about the molestation and was told by both of them that it was for his own good. Frightening if it's true. I could never read a "Sanatana Sarati" after hearing that. I believed it, and still do, because it sounds so sadly and absurdly possible given all the organizational denial.