I spoke in their language



Date: 12-29-02

By: Brian Steel

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From: Anil Kumar's Talks, on www.internety.com (26 Nov 2002)

"I spoke in their language"

"You must have noticed that this afternoon, Bhagavan granted an interview to some teachers from Zambia.

Swami said, "You know, I spoke in their mother tongue, Swahili. I spoke in their language. They all liked it."

"Swami, which language is not known to You? You know all the languages."
[Kumar's claim!]

"No, no, it's all right.
[What does SB MEAN by this devious (and EDITED) reply?]  However, I am telling you that today I spoke to them in their native language. So they are very happy." That's what Bhagavan said."


But WHAT exactly did SB say in Swahili?  2 words? (So could anyone.) More?

Such 'myths' are so easily created, especially among unconditional devotees.

Isn't Kumar using a pitifully crude technique?
[Answer: YES!]

Brian Steel