Sai Baba and illness


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Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 2320:

Date: 5/6/01 4:38 a.m.

Something to think about:

Sai Baba has often stated that no illness can come to him, that as an Avatar he doesn't have any suffering and that he is all powerful.

But he has been ill a number of times. So how does he explain it. Very simple, he takes on himself an illness a devotee would have had otherwise. Out of love! He is ill even though in his all-powerfullness he wouldn't need to be.

Now as I'm no longer under the 'devotee-spell' I'm amazed that I could buy this.

Why would he need to take on himself the illness, accident? He is all powerful and can help his devotees anyway. Why does he sometimes cure/save devotees without 'taking on himself their karma' (the suffering), and at other times he does take the illness on himself. He never tells in advance what illness he will take on. He just uses it as an explanation when he gets ill.

And looking at his life he has had accidents and illnesses that are rather unexceptional for a mare human being.

So what is the most likely explanation?

That he is just a normal human being and not all-powerful.