Date: 05-07-03

By: Robert Priddy



In one of his latest rambling, circuitous discourses, SB announces among all the absurd claims of having magnetic feet that he cannot lift, but can lift anyhow and hands that stick to everything, a new note has come in: “Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas the Divine magnetic power attracts the entire world. (prolonged applause)” (Sanathana Sarathi , April ’03., p.122) 

Some sycophant of his must have managed humbly to convey to him what an asinine teaching he has been giving on magnetism hitherto. Perhaps they even read the analysis of his false claims about magnetism here on The 'omniscient' Sai Baba's massive ignorance of physics exposed (I)?  Formerly the gold in his body ‘churning and churning’ to produce the golden lingam (believe this those who wish), has caused him hugely increased magnetic power (though gold does not magnetise, but SB seems to think that all metals are magnetic. A shame that he, who is so keen on education, threw away his school books so soon?). Now, however, magnets attract nothing but iron filings, he is quoted as saying! Even so, I suggest that the prolonged applause that greeted this must have been from people who have some education who felt great relief at hearing that worldly and Divine magnetism are two quite different things. It was not presented thus, however, by SB in earlier discourses, such as on Mahashivarathri, March 13, 2002, for example: 

“Since the last two days, in order for this Linga to be formed, My whole body became magnetic.” Also “Even the rivers flow, clinging to the earth, due to the magnetism of the earth. Even the wind blows due to magnetic power. Magnetism is pervading everywhere. All the flowers and fruits that they offer are full of magnetism. So, this magnetic power, which is all-pervading, is shining in that temple. When so many thousands of devotees enter, this magnetism increases day-by-day. It will not decrease.

When a small iron piece is kept near a magnet, after a few days even that iron piece will become a magnet. So the individuals who enter into the temple and the things that they offer are all full of magnetism. Therefore, from where did the great powers of the temple arise? It comes from the magnetic power brought from the devotees. Hence, every individual fully has this magnetism.

It is this Divine power that arises in temples, attracts all individuals and also reveals all powers. This magnetism contains Divine power. It is said that magnetism is a temple’s nature. In science, they feel that it is pieces of magnet. They call it materialist magnet. This magnetism (Divine power) is shining in every single human being.”  

Another curious contradiction: he claimed at Mahashivarathri 2002 that the magnetic power is only in Divinity - clearly meaning himself, the one whose feet and hands are all stuck up) and then, a year later (16/372003) that it is in everyone and, as seen above, even in flowers and fruit. “So when I put My foot down, the whole foot stuck to the ground. It is a little hard to lift a foot that is stuck. Wherever I walk, it sticks there. Whatever is held, it sticks to My hand. This magnet is not in everyone like this. This magnet is so powerful only in Divinity.”  

SB is certainly confused, seemingly by having heard that the earth is magnetic, with North and South magnetic poles? Does he think this power is what drags on his feet, or rather that the earth is an active Divine magnet instead? Further, does SB’s food stick in his mouth, gullet and throughout his body? He has also said that when he lifts one foot by his ‘divine will (sankalpa)’ despite the massive force, the other one sticks to the ground. Does he know this by trying to lift it simultaneously?  It must be worse than constantly walking in a sea of tar and look rather comical… it would be most revealing for scientists to study this, but SB is surely avoiding them! 

Well, this is all entertaining rot, but how otherwise allegedly intelligent people can swallow any of it is a mystery to the world and will doubtless remains so in future!

Perhaps the VIPs are praying to Swami to keep his mouth shut about things he knows relatively very little about… it must be getting yet more embarrassing for them.