Date: 11-17-03

By: Robert Priddy


"Bear in mind two things. You must forget the good you have done to others. Remembrance of such deeds gives rise to expectations of return or a feeling of envy.” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 24, p.110)

SSB has every reason to know this from his experience. He never forgets the good he constantly boasts of doing for others – even having claimed in his Christmas Discourse, 2000, that no one else does one thousandth as much good as he does! Clearly he far outdoes Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and countless other spiritual persons in proclaiming his own goodness and holiness. Is this because he is envious of their achievements and fame?

“For Myself, I can say, I shower more blessings on those who decry and defame Me than those who worship and adore Me! For, those who spread falsehoods about Me derive joy therefrom;” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 13, p.69)

Sathya Sai considers himself defamed by falsehoods, but in fact he is mostly only defamed by his own actions. Those who descry him as a liar and abuser of faith are simply telling the truth about his actual behaviour, which has been demonstrated in full from his own words and claims on several websites. Those young men who allege that he has abused them sexually cannot all be telling falsehoods, if indeed a single one of them is telling an untruth. Do they derive joy from this, or exultation? Such a pathetic assertion! And he continued:-

“I am happy that I am the cause for their exultation and joy. You too must accept this line of argument and be very happy when someone derives joy by defaming you. Do not respond by defaming that person…” etc. (ibid)

But he was most evidently not happy when he got angry and beat his lectern during the unforgiving Christmas discourse while defaming his critics… blatantly lying that they were making allegations for money!