More Lies…


By: Hari Sampath


One lie leads to a hundred other lies.

It is amazing how Sai Baba just makes up stories about his "divine childhood", and dishes out absolutely blatant lies for his followers to lap up. He doesn’t even bother to tell lies that are consistent with his previously told lies.

Here are more examples of Sai Baba saying things that can be easily verified as total lies. Apparently Sai Baba doesn’t credit his followers with even basic intelligence, and hopes to get away with it because he thinks that his followers will never check out these facts. If they do so, they will be "Judases", and anyway he expects them to come up with some ridiculous "divine explanation" to account for his blatant lies.

On October 1st 2000, in a speech given at Prashanthi Nilayam, Sai Baba speaks of more incidents from his schooldays.

Date: 1 Oct 2000

Occasion: Dasara

Place: Prashanti Nilayam

Memories Of Bhagavan's Childhood

"There are many who preach about the knowledge of Brahman, but there is none who realizes it in practice. Sai's word is verily the Truth."

Embodiments of love!

Every Bharatiya's heart is pure and steady. Their faith that every object in the world is Divine is based on great declarations like Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma, Sarvam Vishnumayam Jagat and Isavasyamidam Sarvam, which have been propounding the eternal Truth. Bharatiya culture abounds in such teachings. There is a gradual decline in the number of people who practice such sacred teachings. Many say God is all pervasive but they neither believe in it nor do they realize it...

In reciprocation to a favor, gratitude should be in one's blood stream throughout one's life. Here is an example. When this body was studying in Uravakonda three of us used to share a desk - Myself in the middle flanked by Ramesh and Suresh. They were about 7-8 years old and were not good in studies. So, whenever a teacher questioned them, they used to give the answers prompted by Me, for which teachers used to praise them a lot. Thus, I continued to help them, which brought a gradual change in their attitude. They started believing that other than Raju there was no support for them. They uttered Raju's name all the time. In case their mother prepared any eatables at home, they would wrap them in a paper and get it for Raju. But I would refuse all these asserting, "I am always a giver but not the one to take. Our friendship will last longer without these give take transactions. If I take anything I have to remain indebted to you throughout, therefore I should not accept."

Mahboob Khan was our English teacher. His relationship with Me was not external but it was an Atmic one. The moment it was time for My class he would force the other teachers to vacate. The class was filled with students of 8 years age gap. When they saw Mahboob Khan coming, they would start teasing Me and make fun. Mahboob Khan seldom taught anything. The moment He took his seat he would call 'Raju!' I told him softly, "Sir, other students may mistake you, so I too shall sit at the desk there with boys. Do not call Me every time." This made him angry and he said, "Let them think what they want to, I am not afraid. I am not doing anything wrong. I love everyone, but, I love You more. This is because of the Divine power in You." I am telling this incident again for the benefit of the public.

Our ESLC public exams approached. We had to go to Uravakonda. There were no buses or bullock carts. Puttaparthi, a remote village 60 years ago has now become a town. Now, there is a University, an airport and a railway station and all other facilities. But, in those days, one had to go by walk, carrying two big rotis. After a stretch of walk, we used to rest under a tree and again continue the journey playing and singing.

Ramesh and Suresh were disheartened thinking about the ensuing examinations. I told them, "You have faith in Me, I will make you pass". I told them what to do. As soon as we entered the hall, blank answer papers were given and we settled in our respective places. Numbers allotted were such that I got 9, Ramesh 300 and Suresh 200. But, they followed My command strictly to the utmost detail. But it is different with our Bhajan boys here. I have emphasized time and again that Bhajans related to all religions must be sung to give satisfaction to all the people. If once you sing a Bhajan on Vishnu, the next one should be that of Siva to give joy to devotees of Siva. Every participant should derive joy. But our boys do not listen and do as they like. So I too have stopped telling them. But those two boys were different. They went to the examination hall, and as were told, pretended to write for two hours. After two hours papers were collected. I wrote for both of them in their handwriting after finishing my paper within half an hour. Thus, after one and a half hours, I submitted the answer papers and three of us came out. All the students discussed their answers outside the hall. But these two, sticking to My words, never spoke anything. The very next day results were declared - Only Ramesh, Suresh and Myself passed in 1st class. None could doubt their high marks as our register numbers were far apart and the handwritings too were different. We were taken in procession in the streets. The two bowed down their heads. I encouraged them to be bold and lift their heads. On the third day, there were questions based on examination in the class. Ramesh and Suresh could not answer any of them. I told them to say that during the examination time their hearts prompted the answers.

I had returned from Hampi. My collar pin was lost. The collar pin is an illusion - so lost are all the bonds. Know Me truly as Sai, stop your efforts to bind Me in attachment. All My relation with you is cut off now; it is not possible for anyone to bind Me. Seshama Raju noted this down. He used to even remind Me of this sometimes.

When I left Uravakonda, Kameswar Rao was the headmaster. Everyone including him cried. But I cared for none. Will I submit Myself to all this? The next day they asked another boy to lead the prayer in My place. The prayer too had been composed by Me. That boy, who was a Mohammedan, was a good singer. He walked up to the stage but could not sing, remembering Me, he broke down. The prayer was stopped and a holiday declared. Without Raju, Ramesh and Suresh refused to sit on the bench or stay in the classroom. Ramesh ran and jumped into a well giving up his life. Suresh kept crying, "Raju, have you left us! Raju, have you left us!" He became mad and was admitted to the mental hospital in Bangalore. His parents prayed to Me to go and see him once. Swami told them, "The present Suresh is different from the earlier one. There is no point in My coming to see him." After a few days, he too died……….………….Once I had to attend a scout camp but had no uniform. Ramesh`s father was an officer. Ramesh asked his father for two pairs of uniforms, though he did not tell that the second pair was for Me. Ramesh packed the uniform and placed it under My desk with a note that if Raju would not accept it, he would give up his life. In turn, I left another note that if our friendship had to remain, Ramesh had to take back the uniform. Ramesh considered this as My command and took it back. Thus, in those days, even in such small matters children used to follow commands.

Sai Baba says in the above speech the following points:

In 1940,at Uravakonda school, Sai Baba had two classmates called Ramesh and Suresh, who were 7-8 years old, and shared his desk.

Sai Baba says that they all had to appear for the ESLC public exam, where he helped his two friends to pass with a first class , by writing their answers for them.

Sai Baba says that there was a scout camp organized and the boys offered him a uniform, which he refused.  All these incidents are supposed to have happened at Uravakonda school.

Now, let us analyze what is written in Prof Kasturi’s authorised biography of Sai Baba , Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 1 .

In this book, Kasturi writes (page 27)……

"Since Sathya had to go outside Bukkapatnam for his higher education, it was decided that he should be with his brother Seshamma Raju, who had married the daughter of Subba Raju of Kamalapur……..hence they decided to part with him and send him to far off Kamalapur where his studies would be continued. There he attended school regularly as he had at Bukkapatnam………Even now Sathya Sai Baba talks of the drill instructor who was eager to have Sathya in his troop…….There were two other boys, children of the Revenue officer, who sat at the same desk as Sathya and who were very friendly with him. They pleaded with him and even thrust a new uniform into Sathya’s desk to persuade him to join."

It is very obvious that the boys Ramesh and Suresh were Sai Baba’s classmates in Kamalapur and NOT Uravakonda ( if at all any of these stories are true). But Sai Baba says in his Oct 1st 2000 speech that the boys were at Uravakonda, and also that the scout camp incident took place there.

It must be remembered that ALL the incidents in Sathyam Sivam Sundaram were written by Kasturi , on the personal recounting of Sai Baba, as it was meant to be his official biography.

One more thing here is , Sai Baba says in his Oct 20th 1990 speech .. "….I shall mention another incident as an illustration. The day after the twentieth a new boy came to the dais for prayer. Instead of rendering the prayer, he suddenly burst into tears. Seeing the boy weeping, the others also began weeping. Then Lakshmipathi announced, `No prayer today. This weeping for him is itself a prayer. Let us go to our classes.' "

He says in his Oct 1st 2000 speech about the same incident … "The next day they asked another boy to lead the prayer in My place. The prayer too had been composed by Me. That boy, who was a Mohammedan, was a good singer. He walked up to the stage but could not sing, remembering Me, he broke down. The prayer was stopped and a holiday declared"

At one place , Sai Baba says that the prayer was stopped, and the school headmaster asked all the boys to retur to class. In another speech, Sai Baba says that the prayer was stopped, and a holiday was declared !!!.

All these apparently minor and trivial details actually suggest strongly a much more serious probablity that all these incidents were simply "manufactured" , and that Sai Baba out of sheer lack of memory of what he said in the first place,  says something totally different at another time , because both the accounts are lies anyway.

Here are more such "facts" to think about.

If the two desk mates of Sai Baba , Ramesh and Suresh were 7-8 years old, how were they in the same class as Sai Baba , who was supposed to be 13 years old !!

The ESLC,elementary school leaving certificate exam is administered at the end of Eight Grade class. Sai Baba was studying in Eighth grade in Oct 1940 , when he left school. This has been extensively recorded, and also repeated by Sai Baba in several speeches. This means that Sai Baba would have been eligible to write his ESLC exam only at the end of the eighth grade school year, that is April 1941. As he left school in October itself, he did not write the exam in April 1941. Also the two boys Ramesh and Suresh were supposed to have died  a few days after Sai Baba left school, so they too could NOT have written the exam in April 1941.

It is also recorded in ALL the books about Sai Baba, that when he was in Uravakonda, he was "stung" by a scorpion , on March 8th 1940. He was taken in a few days , back to Puttaparthi, as he had started behaving strangely, and stayed in Puttaparthi till June 1940, when his elder brother brought him back to Uravakonda to continue his studies.

This means that Sai Baba could NOT have written his ESLC exam in April 1940 too. Further, how could two boys 7-8 years old be writing the same exam as a boy 13 years old ?? And that too, when it is clearly established they were his classmates in Kamalapur, and NOT Uravakonda ??

Here are more "facts" that Sai Baba gives that are obviously lies, and just concoted stories to support the idea of his own "divinity" .

In Sai Baba’s speech on October 20th 1990, he says about his school headmaster in Uravakonda………."After the tragic incident of those two boys, the class room was locked up and later that desk was named `Sri Sathya Sai desk.'"

The Headmaster of the school then was Lakshmipathi. Whenever I went to school, he used to take me to his office, close the door, make me sit in his chair and massage my feet with all reverence and devotion"

In his Oct 1st 2000 speech about the same incidents at school, Sai Baba says ………"When I left Uravakonda, Kameswar Rao was the headmaster. Everyone including him cried. But I cared for none."

We have dozens of such facts that can all be easily seen as lies. It is very obvious that ALL these stories were made up later by Sai Baba and told to Kasturi, to promote his own "divine childhood". And later, when Sai Baba was talking on different occasions, he simply forgot what he had told earlier, and started spinning different tales.

The point is, if someone is speaking the Truth, then all the facts would add up no matter where and when they say it, and however many years later. The facts shall remain unchanged if it is Truth. In Sai Baba’s case, since these "stories" are simply manufactured lies, they do get contradictory, and he exposes himself.

While these things appear to be harmless and minor instances, they reveal a greater pattern of systematic lying and deception on part of Sai Baba, under the assumption, that these so called facts will never be checked and verified.

This exactly is what is happening about his so called "miracles" of materializations, omniscience etc. Nobody bothers to verify these things themselves. Everyone thinks that "some other person would have verified" and the lie is propagated geometrically over the years, written in many books, and millions of people believe these "miracles" to be the truth, when it is NOT.

This how the myth of Sai Baba has propagated over the years.

Hari Sampath.