Sai Baba’s Plagiarism


By: Elena Hartgering


In a book entitled, Gandhi, The Man, The story of His Transformation by Eknath Easwaram, (US, 1997, Nilgiri Press), I found the following quote:

“Once, while Gandhi’s train was pulling slowly out of the station, a reporter ran up to him and asked him breathlessly for a message to take back to his people. Gandhi’s reply was a hurried line scrawled on a scrap of paper: “My life is my message. It is a message which does not require the vast stage of world politics, but can be put into practice here and now, in the midst of daily life.” (pg. 140).

Also worthy of interest is this comparison: at You will find this:

“The things that will destroy us are:

politics without principle;

pleasure without conscience;

wealth without work;

knowledge without character;

business without morality;

science without humanity,

and worship without sacrifice.

-Mahanma Ghandi (1869 - 1848)”

Now take a look at the back cover of the July 2000 issue of the Sanathana Sarathi where you will find this:

“Seven Deadly Sins

the nation today is affected by the

consequences of seven grievous sins.

The first is business without morality,

The second is politics without principle.

The third, education without character.

The fourth, worship without sacrifice.

The fifth, wealth without hard work.

The sixth, human existence without Regard for scriptures.

The seventh, devotion without austerity.

These are........... Baba”

So to Baba’s other sins we may also add plagiarism.

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