Date: 06-08-03

By: Robert Priddy



It seems clear now that SSB sustained his hip injury by slipping in his bathroom. If so, this is the second time this has happened. In 1988 my wife and I were at the first interview he gave after having slipped on the soap in his bathroom and sustained a hairline hip fracture (a VERY painful event, as he told us himself!).  It is clear that neither SSB nor Indian architects can learn from experience. The bathrooms still being built in India are laughably primitive, for a start... with devices that spread waste water over the floor as much as down the drain! It is all part of the moral supremacy of the ancient Bharatiya culture, I guess? However, we know the cause... his bathroom is not equipped with a Faraday cage to counteract the electro-magnetism of the earth... nay, verily they say, the cosmos itself, pulling on him! Nor can this omnipotent, omniscient Godsbody with his pratfall Sankalpa avoid the farcical repeat of the banana skin trick in his private apartment! Is this not the lighter side of SSB's 'dirty bathroom humour'? AH! It is Divine humour... His leela to beguile us all into doubting Him, an amusing "test of faith"!  But he is only human, and therefore one does feel some ordinary sympathy for his condition. The huge number of cures he has said in a recent discourse were sent him by followers shows that they too surely recognise his limitations and secretly view him as a mortal!

 And we are told by fatuous followers that he "cures himself only with the Love of his devotees" (while he has to have doctors rubbernecking and what can only be 'fake surgery' on the side to beguile us further into thinking he is a mortal) One still has to marvel and gawp at this stupendous mahima miracle... i.e. at the credulousness of so many otherwise probably quite intelligent persons who hide from the facts and distort nearly all they perceive through their twisted in-built 'Sai viewfinders'. Only those whose minds have literally been destroyed by the psychic powers, deceitful tricks, and crude psychological advice of SSB can credit all this. Minds destroyed, but why then no cosmic realisation of simple facts even?

Funny that no famous thinkers or recognised experts in any field of knowledge anywhere in the world have ever bother with the SSB phenomenon, isn't it? One would also think that religious heads like the Pope, the Dalai Lama, the Ayatollah, the Chief Rabbi , the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Shankaracharya of South India or someone of that ilk would have recognised him by now...ah well!