Date: 02-22-03


By Robert Priddy







The main purpose of the anonymous mailer ‘’ (- unable to speak his real name – so hereafter Mr. Q.) is to denigrate the efforts of those who are trying to bring out facts and uncover dirty doings in the interest of truth and goodness, not least so as to protect potential future victims of sexual molestation and murderous execution at Sai Baba’s ashrams.


The Bible seen through very dark glasses: Mr. Q. summarises the entire massive and varied historical and literary record that the Bible is as follows: “Nowadays we know through Archiology what many of us suspected, that The Bible book a Black Creation typical of the Middle East”. This says far more about this anonymous would-be spiritual do-gooder than about the Bible. “A real fraud, if one is looking for one to waste time on”, wrote Mr. Q. of it. Though I am far from being a Bible-lover myself, no archaeology has ever or will ever prove it to be “a Black creation”. What a howler about this varied (and often spiritually rich) collection of disparate writings from many eras!  Enlightenment of the kind Mr. Q puts faith in evidently does not require any basis whatever in genuine, thorough worldly knowledge of anything. And yet he uses up some of his own such precious time mailing us (supposed ex-baba frauds). Anyhow, I shall spend a bit on his edification in return.


Spreading anger by writing? “It is the ones who are so busy writing books and spreading anger who no longer have time to do their necessary Sadhana.”

Firstly, Mr. Q. does not realise that anger is not spread by books, but is a reaction of the reader. If he is unduly angered, that is his problem.


Righteous anger is right, not wrong, for it is directed towards righting things and is therefore selfless by nature and is no symptom of impurity or time-wasting. We are informing the world properly so many who otherwise might visit SB may not invest their faith in or waste their time, money or lives on SB. Those upright persons who write for websites like and (with some exceptions) for are objectively investigating and recording experiential facts, analysing the teachings and the many delusions, untruths and wild and unsubstantiated stories and rumours spread by Sai Baba personally and by his movement. Our subjective motivations may vary, but opposing truth to wilful deceit and crime is one powerful motivation in all of us.


An uncertain ego wanting to make a mark: Mr. Q. added (referring to the author Tal Brooke): “That is the real loss for Mr. M. Tal.  But that is only to say that few potential sadhus succeed.” This latter is just Q. parroting Ramakrishna… intending to give the impression that Mr. Q. is himself a spiritual success. Not big enough to come out and say his name, though. Why sneak around e-mailing us incognito? His e-mails bear the hallmark of an uncertain ego wanting somehow to make its mark, and one far from enlightenment. His wrong inferences (about us) poor judgements, unclear writing and poor spelling also demonstrate the general level of his attainments.


Mr. Q writes suggesting of that: “anger and spreading of scandal is your hobby”.  He is evidently down on all anger. How come he cannot realise in his great enlightenment that anger is a natural, (and, if you like, a God-given) reaction to abuse. Sometimes it is necessary and righteous, even according to both real and mere self-proclaimed sages! But Mr. Q. would stand by and remain what he imagines to be pure (free of anger), selfishly washing his hands and, further, trying to discredit those who have the courage to stand forth with the true facts. This only deserves disdain. Moreover, he is not himself above what he calls ‘spreading anger’ against the author Schulman, who he maligns and cannot forgive for his falsified interpretations of events around John Worldie (even though they were to support belief in SB’s spiritual mission). This double morality is commonly known as hypocrisy… but I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and put it down to Mr. Q’s basic confusion about values.


Yet more evidence of SB’s dirty doings: Despite all his own advice not to waste time writing against ‘Masters’, Mr. Q. has a nice go at SB himself in the following most intriguing bit about the early 1970s: “During that time there were at least 6 persons to my knowledge who were touched sexually by SSB but as young men we did not know at that time that there is no need at any time for a Great Guru to touch the body of a devotee or disciple except for a brief Shakti-pat.”

For once, I see no reason to doubt Mr. Q.’s reliability on this, for I of course know of scores of such accounts about SB by young men. Yet he seems totally confused about the nature of SB’s ‘mastery’ which, after all, that is a normal condition for devotees. He evidently did not think that he was himself ‘spreading anger’ among SB devotees by this, and so he hoists himself by his own petard. Still rattled by the mass of weighty allegations against him, SB recently condemned those who speak such things about him as being without even the spark of divinity (a great innovation in his new demonising teaching).


He wrote: “If you don't like a place, then be strong and get out. Life owes you nothing.  Great stamina and choice is needed.” So Mr. Q. likes the internet and the anonymity it offers (or he would get out)! He also deigns to give us his advice about life and Sadhana. But Mr. Q can mind his own business and twiddle his beads and tongue or whatever else he does! For his information, though, I got right out of the SB movement as soon as my several years of investigations of the wrongdoing had led me to unavoidable conclusions. Fortunately, I am blessed with great stamina – and further, I have a conscience and match my actions to its call. Standing up for truth and justice is one aspect of the ‘spiritual discipline’ and values I follow in action.


The supposed dharma of the police (in India): Mr. Q. thinks the SB crimes are “a matter for the police”, no one else. He is very naïve. The Puttaparthi police were themselves the cold-blooded executioners of the devotees who SB did not save, while allowing his younger brother, Janaki ramiah, to  blackmail the police into executing the four 1993 intruders. Meanwhile, SB stood by close at hand after conferring with his brother and Joga Rao during the several hours of the stand-off.


Serious exposers of SB look to gain nothing for themselves from their engagement and intend only to do right. For my part, I made the choice of bringing forth certain facts apparently known only to me (apart from the involved parties), that I learned from my close friend and shocked insider V.K. Narasimhan (since safely deceased). I owed the public (and ‘life’) this information.


Further I am documenting, for the enlightenment of the unwary, experiential facts about showing SB’s lies and techniques of deceit. He fails to observe non-violence or truthfulness, or compassion for all his devotees when it does not suit his plans for name and fame etc. He practices a massive abuse of faith on his followers and has become a power-grasping victim of delusions of grandeur who tries ever more intensely to subvert all kinds of world leader to his flag (if with constant predictable setbacks), and – because of this conflict between his words and his acts - he represents a growing danger to genuine spirituality and human values, especially in India.


Mature conversations with himself: Some self-advertising is in order for Mr. Q. too… who has taken precious time off to write what sounds like a whole book, with the presumptuous title “Mature Thought in Enlightenment”. So Mr. Q. wants us to think him enlightened and speaks of “my own conversation with The Supreme.” It is fairly patent that he is another bogus channeller among all the many frauds around. Incidentally, enlightenment is no permanent condition (even Ramakrishna made that clear, as have most known mystics throughout history). Mr. Q.’s kind of ‘sadhana’ evidently permits the sending of anonymous e-mails from wherever he feels he has to hide away from the world of people, probably lacking self-confidence in case he is found out as fraudulent.


Intelligence test: Mr. Q. wrote: “...the number of serious members of yours is very very small, their intelligence has probably not developed yet.” For my part, I recommend that before he tries to draw conclusions without having any basis, he should compare his own semi-drivel with the incisive writings of Serguei Badaev and Brian Steel to see incisive intelligence employed. Or see my writings both before and after liberating disillusionment (including 26 articles in Sanathana Sarathi (mostly available on my website at and my all too popular pro-SB book (supported and signed by him etc.).


History shows that the truth – when most unpleasant to tell and hear - is only ever initially defended in action by a tiny percentage of people. While thirty-two ex-devotees set up the Public Petition it has been signed by well over 300 persons so far. It is being brought to the attention of many international bodies and politicians concerned with justice and human rights in the interests of helping to overcome the massive and despicable cover-up of SB’s criminal acts with a view to containing his movement (already successfully) and eventually bringing him to justice. Never fear, in time, the many carefully buried facts about SB’s actual behaviour will be much more widely known to the world. Mr. Q. clearly needs to follow his own advice and ‘wake up’ to actuality, rather than hiding in a cloud cuckoo land of baseless suppositions and superstitions. Know that, sooner or later, developments will cause another wave of international scandal around SB, and this time there is at last massive and credible documentation and information that is not in SB’s favour all ready and waiting for anyone who looks on the web. Roll on that day, SB’s well-earned yet greater international notoriety.


Q.’s Sadhana includes reading scandal: Let’s look at Mr. Q’s “sadhana”. He writes:I am addressing the larger membership of your Site who want to read scandal and trouble in Sacred Places! That's OK. I love scandal over a nice hot coffee!!”

So now we get the bottom line. That is why Mr. Q. reads, and not in order to help bring justice to SB or support the countless victims of SB’s deceit, abuse and taking massive donations under false pretences etc.  We are certainly NOT lovers of scandal of any kind, as Mr. Q. admits he is! He has a lot of his dirty laundry to do. And he fondly imagines that he is already enlightened… my, my! Should one laugh over or pity his massive, selfish delusions? This man is not aiming to be a bodhisattva who’ll willingly be reborn out of unselfish compassion, it seems! But he hopes to scare other people with the immanence of death, not a very smart teaching… but death seems to preoccupy him something awful!

Conceit and concern: This prig’s mega-arrogance comes forth more fully in his third e-mail: “I don't come down lower than the Disciple level, - and even at that level I only give a Web Site address from places which I have heard of.”  Then his hateful ignorance about good people acting dharmically to sustain the truth really gets the better of him: “Attacking some Master somewhere, or weeping, or your members chasing their angers, or regretting their stupid Lives will not help them, AND NOBODY CARES!!”

So why is HE so concerned? This is the rub: Mr. Q. cares far too much for he expresses great eagerness to see exbaba closed down. Well, he evidently does not understand anything about us! He does not even know that the acting webmaster never was a disciple of anyone, so he has come down ‘lower’ (in his twisted perspective) in mailing him! Mr. Q. did just not understand that – being an anonymous slanderer - he cannot just get away with maligning people without being made to account for it in public.