A Question For Devotees


Date: 04-17-2002 03:03 PM ET (US)

By: Dennis Hanisch (Marswalker108)

From: http://www.quicktopic.com/8/H/qYarJBpGLW7G6 Message1579

A Question For Devotees:

I know that many of you believe that the expose' is just a leela of SSB to test your faith. But why give up your questioning attitude? For example, should not the murders at the ashram in 1993 have been a reason to question and investigate?

I attended the Sai Baba study circle on a weekly basis for about 24 of the 27 years I was a devotee. In fact, I conducted the study circle for many years. In my own words, I heard or read many times that it was very "special" to be a SSB devotee, that it took countless lives to earn the merit to be a devotee, and that this was a very rare opportunity to progress spiritually as devotee of this avatar in human form.

But would not God want us to keep and use our discernment and discrimination? Should we not ask if SSB has a cult-like-hypnotic influence on us, especially if we are afraid to question? Should we be afraid to learn and investigate open-mindedly? Should we not have the courage to face the truth whatever it may be?

Devotees, what do you really have to loose by investigating and finding the truth? You may have 'blind faith,' but in the end, I believe it is God's will that our doubts be put to rest.

Best wishes, Dennis