Questions for devotees


By: Andries Krugers Dagneaux

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 606:

Date: 07-09-2001 02:45 PM ET (US)

I guess all devotees admit by now that the anointments on male private parts and the touchings of the crotch by SSB really take place. But of course devotees deny the sexual molestation. I can hardly blame the devotees because it is emotionally very difficult to lose your faith in SSB and admit that you have been deceived. Many ex-devotees probably can confirm that this is not easy. Besides everything takes place behind closed curtains. You have to experience it yourself almost in order to believe it.

To those devotees, if there are any who read this site, who admit that the anointments take place I have some questions. Not because I want to hurt your feelings but in my opinion it is better to see the truth now than in one or ten years. I'm not just a frustrated person who wants to contaminate others with my frustration.

Why hasn't SSB explained in a public discourse why he anoints those young men? Some devotees say that he doesn't explain this because this will cause a stir. But let me tell you that he has caused a very big stir already that would have been less big if he had given a public explanation. And even if he will explain it in future is there an acceptable reason why he has waited so long? Is SSB aware of the confusion, the sorrow and even emotional traumas he has caused by his suspicious behavior? Not only to some of the young men who received this treatment but also to some devotees like me who believed these young men's testimonies and hence couldn't continue believing in SSB anymore although they wanted it so badly. Is this alleged kundalini awakening really worth it?

Another possibility. If these anointments are considered a test of faith, a way to weed devotees out, aren't there better, less painful ways, to do that e.g. by making strict demands with regards to the devotees' behavior, seva and sadhana ?

Concerning the sorrow SSB has caused by his behavior: Is sorrow conducive to spiritual progress? Is it easy to do your sadhana when you're sad? Well, I find it very hard. I remember that SSB gave the advice to a sadhaka in the booklet Sandeha Nivarini never to suffer from sorrow because it will be an impediment to sadhana. I know from my own experiences that SSB wrote the truth.

So my main question is, “Why does a guru who by definition claims to lead people to God, cause a big obstacle for his devotees to do sadhana by his own behavior ?”

Devotees' answers to these questions can be discussed on quicktopic insert url if Anthony agrees. A sound debate about important issues should not be evaded in my opinion. Of course the timing should be right.

With much love and understanding,