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Date: 11/7/00 4:58 a.m.

The quote from the dt-news paper article:

"Sai Baba's principal English translator, Anil Kumar, was more forthcoming. Every great religious teacher, he said, had faced criticism in their lifetime. Such allegations had been leveled at Sai Baba since childhood, 'but with every criticism he becomes more and more triumphant'. Kumar said he considered the controversy 'all part of [Sai Baba's] divine plan. It's a paddy field with husks around the rice. Eventually all the unwanted parts will go to leave the true substance inside.'

Jerry Hague, the American trustee, seemed to share that view. Sai Baba, he told me, would never say anything about all this. 'Why would he? That's the human way. That's not his way."

The comment:
So, if he isn't human, what we have to deal with him?
If he is testing someone, who had authorized him to do so, if not we ourselves did so?
Is it a coincidence for me to discuss this for myself while just having my personal "insights" about the so-called "unwilling ancient servants" of mankind, which in many spiritual traditions means the so-called "demonic earthbound forces"?

Of course, those have been told to behave like this...showing their "supernatural" possibilities...doing fakes....sexual abuse...and claim their followers to believe in their "being god".
Is this a damn psychic projection of unresolved puberty problems and the result of reading too many bad books and watching too many bad movies or is something else the background?

May be I need SOMEONE asking me:"Why do you make such a big deal about the story of a fu... old greedy man who is just handling some local energetic forces and belief powers of followers
while he is looking after the next male butt and while you are forgetting your duties and tasks in your own life!?"

Ooops, I guess , I just found him in myself....may be there is still also a "guru" within me too.:-))))
Let's see....