Sai Baba devotee from Holland arrested for running a pedophilia racket


Date: 05-15-02


Exclusive: Mahabalipuram a paradise for pedophiles

By: P C Vinoj Kumar in Chennai

The night is lovely, dark, and deep. Sound of waves, beauty of the moonlit sky, and the East Coast Road (ECR), keep us going. The ECR shines like a jewel in the night! The road goes on and on, but it's time to take a break.

We have reached Mahabalipuram, famous seaport of the Pallavas, a major tourist attraction today. Situated about 50 km from Chennai, Mahabalipuram was in the news recently after a Dutch national was arrested from here for sexually abusing the inmates in his orphanage.

Police rescued 42 children aged between 6 and 15 from the Little Home. It has shocked child activists, who always suspected that Mahabalipuram might be a pedophile's haven.

Preliminary investigations have established that Wilhelmus had overstayed his visa and was moving about freely in the town, where everyone is supposed to know everyone else.

It is believed that Wilhelmus had friends in the police department.
So much so, the local police were at first reluctant to take up the complaint. But the intervention of higher police officials resulted in an early morning raid of the orphanage and the arrest of Wilhelmus. Police have sealed the hostel.

The racket came to light after a doctor in Pondicherry examined one of Wilhelmus' victims, who reportedly came to him for treatment for bruises in the anus. managed to get hold of exclusive pictures of Wilhelmus' orphanage

In one picture, children were found posing in the nude and by the seashore in odd poses. One child was lying naked on his stomach.
Why did he need such pictures? Was he sending them to someone?

It is understood that Wilhelmus was not a Christian preacher as some
reports suggested. It is believed that the Dutch man was a staunch devotee of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Neighbours inform that he had two picture calendars of the Godman and one of his portraits in the hostel.

Investigations are also on of the man's strong links in Pondicherry.
According to locals, he frequently goes to Pondicherry and does not return for weeks together. It is not known whether he was into drugs, but according to reports, he used children to sell drugs.

Wilhelmus is said to have to come to India about ten years ago.
According to police, he stared an orphanage about eight years ago.
Earlier he had a hostel in Ottha Vaadai Street in Mahabalipuram but is said to have shifted the hostel to the outskirts about three years ago.

Police are investigating the case from all angles. It is not clear whether children from the hostel were being sent to Pondicherry, which is reportedly a haven for pedophilias.

Recently a News channel ran a report on how Pondy is turning into a hot destination for child sex: The names of at least a couple of respectable ashrams are also mentioned as possible places of procurement.

Has Mahabalipuram got into child sex as well? We conducted a small survey of the town.

(To be Continued)

Note from the editors of ex-baba/engels/:

It maybe a coincidence, but in Holland the name 'Wilhelmus' is quite well-known in the sex-industry, we know Joop Wilhelmus as a famous paedophile, a fat man with long hair, who was the publisher of the Dutch sexmagazine 'Chick' and who was convicted and put in jail a couple of years for paedophilia.

What we have read in the Dutch magazines is that just a few hours after his release from jail in September 1994, Joop was shot and he died instantly, standing on a wharf, peeing in the water after having drunk, probably somewhere in Rotterdam.

We are very much interested in the sequel to this article. Moreover we brought this event to the attention of 'De Telegraaf', one of the big Dutch dailies, by sending them this posting...

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