Raids... Seizes... Cases...



Oppression on "Vijayavihaaram" for exposing the misdeeds of:

Puttaparthi   Satya SaiBaba


"Vijayavihaaram" is a popular Telugu Monthly Magazine. It has been propagating scientific approach, spirit of enquiry, personality development & humanism among  youth of Andhra Pradesh. Articles, features & Serials to propogate the great ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Ambedkar, Vivekananda & Dayananda Saraswati have appeared in "Vijayavihaaram". A serial exposing the misdeeds of Satya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi has become highly popular in this Magazine.  The  serial named, "Eee Buridee Baba Demudela Ayyadu?" (How come this cheater Baba becomes a God?) has attracted the anger of the most powerful Lobby of Baba Devotees in Andha Pradesh Government Administration. Magazine has to face threats from Devotees including death threats to the Editor.


"Vijayavihaaram" is brought out on behalf of Janaharsha Group. Janaharsha Group is a group of companies operating in the fields of Publication, Real Estate & Chit fund. In addition to its regular business activity,  Janaharsha has conducted many events to propagate the Great   ideals of "National Unity & Communal Harmony". In 1997 it has conducted a Multi lingual poetry recitation programme participated by 33 literary  giants from 8 languages. In 1998 it has conducted a "convention on communal  Harmony". This convention created History by bringing the spiritual leaders from Hindu,  Muslim, Christian, Buddhist & Sikh religions to one platform. Janaharsha felicitated the "Heroes of Humanity" i.e. saviors of lives & properties of  fellow beings   irrespective of their community in communal disturbances in 1998 Hyderabad.   Every year Janaharsha gives the prestigious Award named "Janaharsha Mahatma Gandhi Communal Harmony Award" to a  Noble personality who made contribution to this field.  This year this particular Award will be presented to Mrs. Gladis Stains (widow of late Graham Stains)


"Vijayavihaaram" December month issue has been  released as a special issue focusing on the Sexual Allegations on Satya Sai Baba. The cover page itself carried the picture of Baba.  In addition to this there were articles on - miserable living conditions at Afghanistan, critical   discussion on R.S.S., News stories on atrocities against Dalits etc. From the day one of its release this issue become a big hit creating panic in Baba’s lobby.

On 14th December Police Batalions from 4 police stations led by four police commissioners raided  Vijayavihaaram’s office & seized it.  State wide, police seized Vijayavihaaram copies from the Market, Hawkars & Agents were harassed, at some places even they were apprehended.  Police have taken  a composer and an attendee from Magazine’s office into their custody, kept them in station for 2 days. Harassment  and  terrorizing  the Magazine’s circulation network is at big scale through out the state.

On 14th December Police booked a case against the Editor of Vijayavihaaram,  Mr. Ramana Murty under sections  I.P.C. 153 (B) & 295 (A), charging him for publishing an objectionable article named  "Dayananda Swamy Bhavalu". Police claimed that   this  article is disturbing communal Harmony.


Police says that Article named "Dayananda Swamy Bhavalu" is objectionable & disturbing. In fact it was a serial named "Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati Bhavalu" aimed to propagate the ideology of great sage of India - Dayananda Saraswati.

Dayananda Saraswati is well known social & Religious reformer, great  preacher of Nationalism, fear less fighter of caste system & other social evils and was regarded as one of the Builders of Modern India. Dayananda  greatly influenced our Independence  movement leadership including Mahatma Gandhi and Lokmanya Tilak.           

In this  particular  serial  patriotism, dynamism, truth seeking spirit, patience, harmony, spirit of enquiry of Great Dayananda Saraswati were  highlited.

Dayananda Saraswati has  earned regards from the followers of all religions    including Islam. Muslims like sayyad Ahmadkhan & peer Md. Younis appreciated Dayananda’s quest for truth. Vijayavihaaram’s serial was mainly based on Dayananda Saraswati famous book "Sathyartha Prakasham".  This particular book was written by Dayananda Saraswati on 1875 i.e. 125 years back.  From then onwards it was translated into many of the national & international languages. More than 10 lakh  copies were sold.  Still it is going for reprints and even now fresh copies were available in the Market. On this particular book  neither there was a ban, nor there was any objection. This book  was considered as our national treasure. Neither Dayananda Saraswathi nor his writings were  ever  considered as  communal.         

When police says - that a particular part of Dayananda Saraswati’s  ideology,  writings were communal & objectionable - we feel that it is an insult to our greatest son of India.


On 14.12.2000 itself our Vijayavihaaram’s  representatives - Mr. N.S.V. Nageswara Rao, Legal Advisor and Mr. T.N.Murthy, Co-ordinator met the police, explained them about the basis of Vijayavihaaram’s serial.  In fact they have shown the police the copies of "Sathyardha Prakasham". Vijayavihaaram’s representatives clearly clarified the police - that Dayananda Saraswati’s writing’s were never considered as communal, that leaders like Mahatma Gandhi were greatly influenced by Dayananda, that  Dayananda never criticised any religion with prejudice, that he exposed the irrationalities in all religions from  his point of view. In Vijayavihaaram’s  December  Issue - "Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati Bhavalu" serial’s third and concluding part was published. In that particular part Dayananda’s criticism  on irrational & illogical things in Hindu, Muslim and Christian religions, as per his point of view were briefly explained. In the same issue it was clearly stated that these are Dayananda’s openions, one can take what ever he feels appropriate and like wise one can reject what ever he feels inappropriate.  It was stated in the magazine itself that the motto of this serial is to generate the interest in the minds of the readers about the life and contribution of Dayananda. Dayananda’s criticism about the irrational elements in Hindu, Muslim  and Christian religions were published in the article.   Hence it is inappropriate to say that article was targeted intentionally against one faith.  Dayananda’s commitment against violence & hatred were equally highlighted.  Reproduction of the material from the book "Sathyartha Prakasham" will neither illegal nor objectionable.             

Police clearly knows that Vijayavihaaram’s serial is neither illegal nor objectionable. It is obvious that their real motto is to protect  Puttaparthi Satya Sai Baba’s misdeeds and crush Vijayavihaaram and its fight against the same.


On 14th December police issued a press release that cases were booked under section   I.P.C  153(B) & 295 (A) on the Editor of Vijayavihaaram Mr. T.V.Ramana Murty and  Spl.  Police team was formed to arrest the Editor. On the same day police raided the office of the Magazine, seized the copies.

On Immediate next day of the police raid i.e. on 15th December "Vijayavihaaram" co-ordinator T.N.Murty conducted a press meet to expose the invalidity of police propaganda and to condemn the police oppression. Editor T.V.Ramana Murty’s statements Demanding the with-drawal of police oppression were circulated at the meet. Intellectuals, Journalists, Writers & Leaders of  the mass organisations participated in this meet and condemned the police oppression. This press meet was widely covered by the electronic & print Media. After this press meet (and also as a reply to the press meet) police inflicted the name of  Mr. T.N.Murty also, in the same case.

On 17th Sunday solidarity Meeting was being organised at Hyderabad Sundarayya Vignana Kendram by "Vijayavihaaram Solidarity Commitee". Renowned poets, writers, journalists, rationalists, leaders of mass organisations participated in the meet. ABK Prasad (Renowed journalist), Yakub (Poet), Ravela Somayya (Socialist), Dharma Rao (Honarary Editor of "Nadusthunna Charitra" monthly magazine), Dasarathi Ranga charya (Writer, Freedom fighter), Sandhyavandanam Lakshmi Devi (Aarya Samaj Representative), N.V.Krishnayya (Ex. M.L.A.), Gowtham (Dalit writer), Sandhya (President, P.O.W), S.V. Satyanaraayna (Progressive writers association), Subbarao, Murahari Rao (Rationalists Association), Vikram (Athiest Association), Kesavrao Jadav (President, P.U.C.L.) are some of the speakers participated in the solidarity meet. Vijayavihaaram Editor T.V.Ramana Murty made a surprise appearance in this solidarity meet.  The public appearance of the person, whom police claims that they formed a special team to apprehend, has created tremendous sensation. Editor  lambasted  the police claims.  He revealed that no community or no minority representative was there behind the police case. As per the F.I.R., it was only the police who filed the complaint against the Editor, and again it was the police who are investigating the case. As on date, not a single complaint was lodged, not a single statement was issued by any minority leader and also not a single disturbance was occurred.  Editor has issued a new open proposal to the police, challenging to prove their claim. As per the new  proposal - Vijayavihaaram will temporarily withdraw the "Dayananda Saraswati Bhavalu" article, Government can submit this article & "Sathyartha Prakasham" book to the  court, court’s decision will be binding for all the parties, police should withdraw the repression, harassment & all the cases, meanwhile police should allow the circulation of "Vijayavihaaram" December month issue without "Dayananda.." article.   Editor said - If police are not ready to accept this proposal, then it can be clearly  confirmed in front of  the people of  Andhra Pradesh - that  the real intention of  the police is to protect  Baba’s misdeeds and to crush the Magazine which is exposing the same. Naturally Editor’s bold proposal  attracted Media’s attention. Even though this proposal was represented to the Home Minister of Andhra Pradesh, for the reasons  obvious,  police or non committal to this proposal.          

On the same day "Vijayavihaaram" solidarity committee met the Home Minister Sri Devender Goud with a memorandum signed by 130 prominent personalities of public life demanding the withdrawal of cases and lifting the oppression against Vijayavihaaram.          

State wide, from every nook and corner people and mass organisations are coming out openly condemning  the police conspiracy.  People could clearly see the true intentions of police. In Ananthapuram, the Home district of Satya Sai Baba 22 mass organisations conducted a press meet to condemn the police oppression on Vijayavihaaram. They said that the police are trying to suppress Vijayavihaaram’s campaign of exposing Sai Baba.          

International Humanist, Rationalist associations are coming out openly against police oppression. Day by day Vijayavihaaram solidarity movement is getting tremendous momentum.

CONCLUSION :         

-Vijayavihaaram is not at all against any religion/faith.   Vijayavihaaram stands for spirit of enquiry and freedom of expression.   Vijayavihaaram stands for harmony, Non violence & truth seeking.  Our conscience is clear. We are transparent. We express our heartfelt regrets, in any case, by misconception or by misunderstandings,if our endeavor caused any inconvenience to any person.

- Police propaganda & oppression against Vijayavihaaram is false, unethical, undemocratic &   Illegal.

- Propagating the ideologies of great personalities like Dayananda Saraswati, Vivekananda, Ambedkar & Gandhi is not a sin.

- Reproduction of Dayananda’s openion from "Satyartha Prakasham"is neither illegal,  nor communal, neither objectionable nor prejudicial.

- We were targeted by the police not because of Dayananda’s ideology but for the  uncompromising fight against the misdeeds of Puttaparthi Satya Sai Baba.

- This Illegal Design of the police  will be defeated. Vijayavihaaram will continue its fight against the misdeeds till the end.

- We demand the police to withdraw the cases and lift the oppression.   

- We urge the people to condemn the oppression and harassment. We urge the people to express the solidarity with the cause of Vijayavihaaram. 

At this juncture we request you to voice your opinion

- For lifting the illegal, police oppression on Vijayavihaaram.

- For the withdrawal of cases against Vijayavihaaram’s Editor T.V.Ramana Murty & Co-ordinator T.N.Murty.

- Against the attack on press freedom & freedom of expression