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Date: 1/14/01 3:01 a.m.

As follows the ‘inner Sai Baba message’ received by Lucas Ralli on the 10th of February 1992, just after seeing Keith Ord and having heard about Ord and Michael Pender’s private interviews. (See Ord his letter on www.saibabaguru.com)
Interesting to become aware how a mind can go around, denying and twisting difficult issues.



So long as the Avatar is on the earth, there will be Controversy.

I have said that My life is My message and that is still true today and always will be.

Much of what I do and say is misunderstood. There is a reason why I say this or that and why, very often, I do not say anything.

Man has to find his own way in life. I show the way but I do not lead your life for you. The tutor teaches the pupils but he does not fill in
their examination papers for them.

The rumours and stories about which you ask Me at the present time are frivolous, irrelevant and grossly exaggerated. No such improper acts have ever taken place, nor will they. But the imagination of the human mind knows no boundaries. New stories and theories will always abound. Ignore them.

I give no importance to rumours or criticism and I am not concerned with what they write or say about Me. I am only concerned with the truth,
and truth will prevail.

Those who get sucked into the darker side of life will revel in it, and they must be allowed to go their own way. Even with the devotees, or those who call themselves devotees, some will always drift away. Do not give it any importance. Concentrate all your efforts on spreading the

Look constantly towards the light and leave the shadows for those who are stuck at that level of consciousness, or those who prefer to remain there because they cannot face the light."