Sai Baba's responsibility


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Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club, message 924:

Date: 11/10/00 2:03 p.m.


Thanks for the clarification of Mantra(s). Since my yogic training and education came initially from Southern India I can see why I have felt it to be that.

With regard to the "CEO" posit. I take your point that sb is titular Chancellor/CEO/ head of org etc, but since the whole sb thing started from his coming out at 14 with his proclamation of being the AVATAR of the age, direct reincarnation of Shirdi etc and with all the displays that he then proceeded to do, he became famous for being the raison d'Ítre and center of interest that drew people to him and his teachings. Now however, those around him acted and act as representatives of the Sai phenomenon in ways that are admitted to be deceitful and/or untrue: it must be said that without him there would be no SSB Org/phenomenon. If he is not prepared to accept responsibility for these things then surely he is condoning a hornet's nest. By declaring that he is the incarnation of all that is Omnipotent, Omnipresent Omniscient and has asked people to surrender to him and follow his example, then by extension he is condoning turning a blind eye to deceit and lies that we may see around us. If he is not prepared to rein in these goings on, that are committed in his name (i.e. the name of SSB Org) then it is implicit in his dictum. If people were to follow this advice there would be no defense of right living, right speech and 'evil' would be encouraged to run amock.

This then is perhaps the agenda. This then is why many of us feel that the battle lines that are lined up are between the armies of truth and untruth. This has always been the case since the beginning of time - but today this struggle comes at a moment when the opportunity to break free and launch ourselves toward a higher consciousness - that divine consciousness that awaits realization - is so possible. Since this would move our whole existence into a space where power is personal and not controlled by others, then the threat of losing the control of others by the propagators of untruth is a mighty frightening proposition.

I repeat again that whatever sb might say about letting go of the form /going within his actions and associations (alleged or otherwise) are his example and his responsibility. The defense or wiping of hands CANNOT hide behind the epithet of AVATAR. No matter who you are silence is no answer.

The slick student of spiritual matters may respond that all is ultimately silence, but we are dealing here with communicating and endeavoring to give those of a a less than fully realized state an opportunity to understand what otherwise seems to be contradictory. It is a well known practice that in order to communicate with someone it is important to engage with them on THEIR level. By promoting mystery, mystic, esoteric actions and words is for the most part unproductive. It may expand CHARISMA but it ultimately loses simple minds.

It saddens me to see this attitude of not taking that sort of responsibility toward best practice and honest actions, reflected in so many organizations large and small around our world. Let alone personal negative traits. No teacher worth their salt that is/has been in the public eye or quietly getting on with it away from the fanfare would I suspect promote or even condone negative qualities in order to move toward positive qualities. Realization and transmutation of the negative stuff yes - but not actively promoting negative traits.


( Ps - no 'h' and I don't much care for being called John by those that do (except by London Taxi drivers - because East End slang always calls anyone they meet for the first time 'John'!!! ) Thanks for your understanding, all.