By Robert Priddy

Date: 08-14-03



More waffle from the ashram to confuse the Sai punters, this time rumours flying across the world via

Here is an important message from Prasanthinilayam. Please read it carefully and pass it on to others who have not seen this. Sairam.

Dear Devotees! During the last couple of days a lot of rumours have been flying across the world relating to our beloved Swami. All these rumours are based on the fact that Swami has been giving darshan during the last two days moving in a golf cart.

Comment: How do these devotees track all these rumours flying across the world and deduce that all are based on a simple fact? What are the rumours... and the connection with the golf cart? Perhaps some have been graced with omniscience? Or could it be that they guess that people are reaching the end of their credulity about SSB's deceits, conflicting statements about his illness and compounded tripe about magnetism? Where has the magnetism gone all of a sudden?

People seem to forget that ever since He came back from Brindavan, Swami has in fact been using the golf cart; only He is now using it a bit more, as many requested.

SSB used the golf cart while at Brindavan, from the very first day he gave darshan after his hip injury and operations. That was many days after the incident. But Dr. Krishnamurthi would have us believe that SSB walked the very first day after his op. Why did it take him so long to come out to his devotees then? Reports make quite clear that he can only hobble about now, so the miracle cure is not completed, we must suppose..., and he needs his golf cart still. One hypothesis doubtless springs to devotees' inquiring minds... that the golf cart insulates Swami from the massive attractions exerted by the earth, the devotees... nay, by the whole of humanity, which pull at his polarised feet and esp. the solid steel bar which now resides in grateful steely bliss within his very hip itself!

Dear Devotee! Please do not believe in rumours. Many things happen in the life of an Avatar that we mortals simply cannot fathom.

Believe only in all the countless rumours of ‘Swami's omniscience’, or his unlimited powers, materializations of diamonds etc. Many awful things happen in the life of 'the Avatar', including lies, fraud and tons of alleged sexual abuses. Is that life a good message?

He who has come with a mission will not handicap Himself. And, if He can control the Universe, He surely can manage Himself.

He who has come with a mission has been handicapped, with golf cart (He is not even below par for the course!) . Some IFs are MIND-BOGGLINGLY VAST!  Such as, IF he can't control the Universe? If he can control his own brother, Janakiramiah, then he supported the blackmail and executions. Either he can't control the ex-devotees who have signed sworn affidavits against him or can't control his own lust.

Instead of spreading unwanted anxiety, let us spread Swami’s love.

One cannot actually spread someone else's love, only one's own. This is the same old 'Prashanthi-speak'... everything good comes from SSB, everything bad from everyone else!

If we shower love on Swami as He showers it on us, there never can be an occasion for Him to have any problem. The recent hip fracture shows that our love is not adequate. The need of the hour is to strengthen that love of ours, 

Really? So now they tell us that not only all the world's problems are not his fault, but HIS problems are his devotees fault!! Where will this deceit all end, one asks?