Sai Baba and sex


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Date: 11/8/00 12:27 p.m.

Phoenixboy ... I went to look up paedophilia (or pedophilia) in Webster's dictionary and I couldn't find it under either spelling! But it isn't synonymous with homosexuality. I don't know if it refers to adults who have sex with any child, either male or female, or just adult men who have sex with male children. Anyway, be that as it may, some men indulge in improprioutous acts with young boys; some with young girls. Some adult women do the same. Any kind of nonconsensual sex is adharmic, even if on the surface it might seem to be consensual, as the adult (or person in the position of power)is exploiting the child (or person in the weaker position)through bribery, false promises, misleading statements, etc. Children are simply off limits as sexual partners for adults.

There's nothing wrong with an "Avatar", or human form of God having sex as long as it's done in an honorable, honest, and non-exploitive way. Neither Krishna nor Rama were celebate.

I know I've brought this up in some of my past posts, but SB has always railed against what he terms "lust", which seems to be his name for attraction between men and women (they can't even sit together at darshan). Why doesn't he include same sex attractions in this condemnation? He also has claimed time and again that he has "complete control of the senses", and has said that he has no desires (He even specified no sexual desires in "Conversations With SSB" by Hislop). Therefore, many of his followers assumed that he had personally renounced sexual activities. It would have been a different situation if he had never made these pronouncement in the first place. The term "not walking the talk" comes to mind. Say one thing and do another. Do as I say and not as I do. In short; he's being a hypocrite.

I'm no psychologist, but this thought has come to mind: perhaps SB has in his conscious mind so disassociated himself from his sexuality that the sexuality has split off and taken on a life of it's own. Like a multiple personality syndrome. Maybe the SB that's out there giving discourses doesn't acknowledge the existence of the SB in the privates (not a typo) interview room? Anybody out there an expert in this field? Any thoughts?

Jonathan Trapman ... each one of your contributions to this board is a meaty read in itself. Low on emotionalism; high on information and insight. Thanks!