Lies proved by Sathya Sai Baba's

School Record


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From: sueshbalaraman (sureshbalaraman)

Document date: Thu Mar 7, 2002  1:49 a.m.

Subject: SSB School; Record At Bukkapatnam.

Hello Hari Sampath

I have posted a photo shot of Parti Baba's School Record at Bukkapatnam. I do not know how to read Telegu script. Is it possible either for you or any of your known associates who could translate. I would like to know what is written in the column heading under the dates (1) 5 July 1941 (2) 4 October 1929 (3) 6 April 1942. Just curious as to what those entries mean. I am sure it may not be anything or it could be something of importance. As i am aware of the discourse speech by Parthi Baba indicating 20 October 1940 as school day viz a Monday but actually its a Sunday and Hope you can research on this one and let us know of your opinion for the benefit of people at large.


Suresh Balaraman.

Note from the editors of The deviating birthdate was already mentioned in the book by R. Padmanaban 'Love Is My Form, Vol. 1, The Advent (1926-1950)', Bangalore: Sai Towers Publishing, 2000:pages 68, 132-133, 147.

Lies proved by Sathya Sai Baba's School Record

Date: 03-08-02

By: Hari Sampath


1. The Photograph of the school record and a quick summary

2. Extract of a translation of the record

3. A detailed analysis of this lie, and the cause and reasons

4. Acknowledgement

The very minimum that this school record shows is:

1. On July 5th 1941, sb was very much in school, because the date of entry of some information says "5-7-41"

2. The date of birth of sb is October 4th 1929

3. SB was in 8th standard (8th grade), and there is a clear mention of public exam dated 6.4.42 (April 6th 1942)


schoolrec.jpg (121499 bytes)


These points clearly prove that SB was always lying about date of birth (which he says is Nov 23 1926), the time he left school (Oct 20 1940) and the fact he says he had already taken and passed his public exam for 8th grade before he left school (in Oct 1940). Since public exams in India are always given in April, and the school records too mentions this, obviously Sai Baba has been lying about all these things.

Many of these lies had already been nailed and proved in other articles... this record is yet another proof.

I had sent the Sai Baba school document to two attorneys in Andhra Pradesh, well versed in Telegu, and with experience in reading unintelligible telegu words in old documents. This is what they had reported back to me.

Extract of the translation of the record

Dear Hari,

My partner went through the document you had mailed. He could decipher all the columns except the very last one. The following is the translation of the column headings starting from left to right:

The heading of the document says on top "Admissions register".
The columns from left to right are as follows, with the details of the particular entry you requested shown against each column.




Name of student: (first name)


Surname: (last name)


Name of father or guardian:

Pedda Venkamaraju



Occupation of father or guardian:


Date of admission:

5-7-41 (July 5th 1941)

Date of birth:

4-10-29 (October 4th 1929)







Class admitted:

8th standard

Class left:

8th standard

Date of leaving:

6-4-42 ( April 6th 1942)

If readmitted, old admission number:

exam... for 8th std public ex...


An Analysis

Now, the first thing we have to take note of is this school admission register is from the Bukkapatnam school in the year 1941. Sai Baba joined this school for 8th standard on July 7th, 1941 , and left on April 6th 1942, while he was in 8th standard still. The last column also refers to some words about "public exam", and possibly re-admission details. There seems to be a word that looks like "exempted", but it is not clear. This tells us conclusively that by April 1942 , Sai Baba was in 8th standard in Bukkapatnam, and according to the details given by him/his family, his date of birth was October 4th 1929.

But according to Sai Baba, he left Bukkapatnam school and went to Kamalapur to stay with his brother Seshamma Raju and study. He is supposed to have studied in Kamalapur for his 8th standard, in 1940, and he further says he "announced his divinity" in Uravakonda on October 20th 1940. In "Sathyam Sivam Sundaram-Part-1" by Prof Kasturi, written on the personal account by Sai Baba, Kasthuri dwells in great detail about the school years of Sai Baba. In the pages between 16 and 35, Kasturi mentions so many details about Sai Baba's school days, and even mentions a Subbannachar who wrote a book in 1944, where he says Sai Baba was my student in the 8th grade, in Bukkapatnam.

None of this adds up, and every single thing is contradictory. It looks like all of Sai Baba's pronouncements about his school life, places, years, "leelas" etc are false, and to have been invented later. If Sai Baba (according to him) was in Uravakonda school in October 1940, studying in 8th grade, left school, then how was he back again in Bukkapatnam between 1941 and 1942 , in 8th grade? Also, according to Sai Baba, he had two friends Ramesh and Suresh , who were his deskmates, helped him with scout uniform etc, for whom he wrote the public exam answers in 8th grade public exam. These two boys were supposed to have died immediately after Sai Baba left school in October 1940. But according to the document, Sai Baba was in Bukkapatnam school for his 8th grade and that too was not scheduled to even appear for public exam till 1942 . There are multiple sources of confirmation for these facts , like this document, Kasturi's account, Sai Baba's teacher's account etc. Kasturi also writes about a teacher called Mehboob Khan in Bukkapatnam school who was fond of Sai Baba, but Sai Baba says Mehboob Khan was a teacher in Uravakonda.

All this just doesn't make any sense, and it is not even as if there was just one slip by Sai Baba on one occasion. Right through, whatever he has been saying doesn't add up, and the only conclusion that considers all these proven facts, and explains them is: These stories were all invented later, and just could not have happened.

Again what outwardly appears as small inconsistencies in schools, times, dates, events, places etc, actually are excellent indicators that there was a more carefully "manufactured version" of childhood stories, schooling, avatar announcement etc, that was done much later. This is very serious because this points to planned deception , even in the 1950s (possibly late 1940s), something which Sai Baba himself has been promoting as facts and Truth for 50 years.

Why keep up this intricate lie for decades?

If Sai Baba was born on October 4th 1929, as indicated by records, then we are led to question what must have been the motivation for fraudulently choosing the date of November 23rd 1926 specifically. Obviously, it could have been any date, since it was bogus anyway, but the "choice" of the birthday in later years, probably in the late 1940's or early 1950's, must have been prompted by a specific reason which would have been necessary for the "avatar theory" to flourish. It is well known publicly that Sri Aurobindo declared on November 24th 1926 , that "Krishna consciousness had descended into the physical".

All followers of Sri Aurobindo categorically say that he meant the descent of Universal consciousness into himself, while he was still in a physical body, and it was probably true too. But when such a statement was publicly known, and must have been rather well known in South India in the 1940s and 1950s, there is a very strong probability that those promoting the Sai Baba "avatar theory" in the early days, that is close family of Sai Baba, "decided" to have Sai Baba's birthday as November 23rd 1926, in order to capitalize on Aurobindo's statement and provide "proof" that he was referring to Sai Baba's birth!

This seems to be the most logical explanation of the "choice" of the date of birth, and it shows clearly a scheming deceptive pattern, targeted at willful deception and concoted theories. What else needs to be proved about Sai Baba being a fraud?

Hence the conclusion that these lies, and imaginary stories of divine plays, childhood events were created, promoted and fed to others by Sai Baba and his immediate family right from those days.

Baba and his family ostracised in Bukkapatnam.

I have also got some information from very old timers in Puttaparthi, people who are in their eighties, and were a few years older than Sai Baba , that Sai Baba was dismissed from the Bukkapatnam school for stealing money from a local temple. Apparently the entire family was ostracised , they were living in Bukkapatnam at that time, and went to Puttaparthi after this. Perhaps Sai Baba was readmitted to the Bukkapatnam school after a year, in 1941.

One thing is for sure, Sai Baba's past is even shadier than his present, and let us hope that at least his future will be less murkier, with all the spotlight shining on his fraud and deception.

Hari Sampath



We are thankful to Mr. Suresh Balaraman for providing us with this important document, the document can also be seen in the following link, which is a pro Sai Baba group.